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Rush Roundup

Because it's too cold to wait outside for Rush tickets. Unlock these Rushes to access a limited number of exclusive tickets each day!

Critics' Picks

Check out the shows The New York Times has raved about.

Plan Ahead

Pencil in these shows that have tickets available for performances more than 30 days in advance.

Bang for Your Buck

Love nothing more than finding a great deal to see a great show? Look no further.

What's Trending

The best new shows that theater insiders can’t stop buzzing about.

Divas on Display

These diva-licious performances yield strength, power, and drama — from men and women alike.


Pack your Kleenex — these shows will make sure there’s not a dry eye left in the house.

Boundary Breakers

Breaking the boundaries of traditional theater, these shows pull the audience right into the action.

Voted Most Dramatic

These shows deliver the most epic dramatic moments, stories, and characters in the theater.

Laugh Out Loud Comedy

Discover the funniest sketch, improv, and stand-up in NYC!

A Feast for the Eyes

These shows boast the biggest and most elaborate production numbers both on and off Broadway.

Delectably Delicious

From food-centric shows to shows that serve actual food (or drinks), these shows are sure to satisfy.

Based On...

Whether you saw the film or read the book, nothing quite compares to the experience of seeing it live.

Date Night

These shows are guaranteed to make your date swoon.

The Classics

Looking for a true New York experience? These shows have all been running for 10 years or more!

Fun for the Whole Family

These shows are sure to please everyone in your family.

Staff Picks

These are the shows we're loving this month.


These shows will take you across the sea to far-flung corners of the world, plane ticket not required.

Women's History Month

Celebrate the strong women of the stage by seeing a show showcasing their talents.