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Explore our curated lists to find the perfect show for you

Classes under $50

Learn from Broadway's best with the best prices.

Classes This Week

Fill your calendar with these live classes taught by theater's best.

Acting Workshops

The (virtual) stage is yours. Your teachers? Award-winning actors, Broadway faves, and more.

Vocal Coaching

Is your voice your instrument? Let singers from your fave cast albums get you ready for the spotlight.

Dance Classes

It’s your turn to master the steps with Beyoncé’s choreographer, New York City Ballet legends, and more.

Inside the Industry

There’s so much more to theater than the stage; step beyond the curtain and behind-the-scenes.

Watch and Learn Classes

You don't need a spotlight to be a star. These classes are perfect for those who like to learn, perform, and practice in a group.

Interactive Classes

Is your Broadway bow so close you can taste it? These interactive, personalized classes are for you.

The Creative Team

Learn about the journey of a show — from script to stage.

Just for Fun

All ages and skill levels are welcome here. After all — we could all use a bit of fun.


These artists know best. Go from zero to theater hero with tricks from top talent.

Advocacy & Activism

We all have more to learn. With these free classes, you can bring your activism to the arts.

Ace the Audition

Walk confidently into the audition room with these artists’ tips and tricks.

Take a Class with...

Artists you know and love want to teach you what they know. Yes, you.

One-on-One with...

Just you and your favorite artist. These sessions are personalized to your talents.

Stream Theater at Home

Experience plays, performances, and more — from your couch.