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Get Exclusive Discounts on New York Theater Tickets

How to Get Discount Broadway Tickets

Get the best prices on last-minute tickets to the most sought-after shows in New York. Plus, with our lottery and Rush programs available in our app you can get exclusive discounts from anywhere. Download for free and start getting affordable tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.

Enter a Mobile Lottery

If you want to try your luck, enter a lottery for free or discounted theater tickets to the most sought-after shows in New York City. Lottery tickets are available each performance day and if you win, we’ll notify you by email and notification on your phone. Download the app to get started. Check out the current lotteries in New York here:

Unlock Rush tickets

If you’re looking for day-of exclusive last-minute deals, then Rush tickets are for you. Unlock the Rush feature for each show by sharing a post on Facebook or Twitter through the app. Once unlocked, check back each morning for a limited number of exclusively discounted theater tickets. Download the app to get Rush tickets. Check out the shows offering Rush tickets in New York here:

Last-minute tickets under $50

Don’t feel like chancing it? With our exclusive discount pricing, many shows are available for under $50. Get exclusively discounted theater tickets on or our app the same day or up to 1 week in advance. Check out what’s available below:

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