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About Skeleton Crew

It's 2008 and the employees of a Detroit auto factory are facing an uncertain future. This stirring play, called "deeply moral and deeply American" by The New York Times, follows a family of co-workers navigating economic instability, troubling rumors and the ways in which loyalty and love shape every decision we make.

The third installment of Dominique Morisseau’s acclaimed trilogy “The Detroit Project,” "Skeleton Crew" follows four co-workers—Faye, Dez, Reggie and Shanita—at a Detroit auto factory in 2008. This play highlights the layered relationships and drama of blue-collar workers navigating the instability and uncertainty in their personal lives and at work. Each character’s patience and loyalty are tested as the plant’s future comes into question, and they are forced to make hard choices to ensure their individual survival. Morisseau’s masterful command of dialect and dialogue brings depth and authenticity to a story about the very local implications of global change.

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Recommended for ages 14 and up.

An achievement, as much for political substance as for style.
Top Ten Plays of 2016
Critics' Pick! Naturalistic, tightly structured and filled with self-defining monologues of vernacular lyricism.
The New York Times

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