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About Magicopolis

You’ll see people dissolve in one place and reappear somewhere else and someone can read your thoughts. Objects move and change guided by the power of the mind and humans float in mid-air. Again and again you are witness to impossible happenings. Sometimes you even become part of one.

Don’t miss the dynamic magic duo of Steve Spill and Bozena Wrobel in “Escape Reality” the one-of-a-kind show that dazzles audiences of all generations with wit, style, and grace – featuring a stunning mix of outrageous sleight-of-hand and unbelievable optical illusions including a jaw-dropping act of levitation, mind-reading, disappearances, and a nail-biting Houdini inspired escape.

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Recommended for ages 8 and up. awesome performance...
Rave Magazine
The caliber of the artists is first-rate, their performance, brilliant.
Southern California Guide
The Magicopolis mix of comedy and illusion creates lasting memories.
LA Times

Magicopolis at Third Street Promenade

1418 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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