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Date Night

Spend a romantic night at the theater with your special someone!

Whether your date loves to laugh, cry, or you want a thriller that'll ensure they'll reach for your hand — we've got you covered in L.A. and the O.C.

Magicopolis: Escape Reality

Because "how the heck did he do that?" is always a great post-date discussion.


Take a walk through an important time in history with a lavish score and moving performance by George Takei.

Cambodian Rock Band

Part comedy, part mystery, part rock concert, this thrilling story goes back and forth in time as father and daughter face the music.

Into the Woods

The Brothers Grimm hit the stage with an epic fairytale about wishes, family and the choices we make.

Henry V

The dogs of war are unleashed and a charismatic Warrior King emerges in Shakespeare’s breathtaking depiction of the Battle of Agincourt.

Pirates of Penzance

Toss your worries overboard and join playful pirates, dewy-eyed damsels, bumbling bobbies and one very stuffy modern Major-General on stage.