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Hollywood Fringe

Check out productions debuting in the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is one of LA's biggest theater events of the year.

Hollywood Fringe VIP Opening Night Party Pass

LA theater's biggest party of the year is an essential night out for LA theatermakers and theater lovers alike.

Rayn: An Electronic Burlesque Experience

A psychedelic electro-opera that's a little sexy, a little trippy, and incredibly feminist, sex positive, and pro sex workers’ rights.

Coke & Mirrors

The New Bad Boys of Magic return to the Hollywood Fringe Festival with a new, NSFW magic show where, yes, you can drink.

Movin' On Up

It’s funny-or-die-in-the-graveyard time in the West Coast premiere of Jeremy Kehoe’s dark, absurdist, existential comedy.

The Meatball Chronicles

A beautifully crafted, delectable culinary journey that transcends into universal themes that anyone who has a family can love.


A new take on the classic cautionary tale of lust for power and hubris, and the people and things that allow politicians to win… or lose.

My Calico Soul

A calico is a cat that is mostly white with spots of browns and sometimes blacks. Sometimes a soul can feel the same way.

Fort Huachuca

Set in Arizona on an army base camp, this play focuses on African-American women’s army auxiliary corps during the Second World War.

STAGES: Girl Meets Boy, Boy Meets Boy, Girl Meets Drink

A bittersweet journey through the stages of a break-up, complete with song, dance, and a lot of coping mechanisms.

White People Drinking

Zoo Theatre Company presents their hit dark comedy about a dinner party full of secrets, opinions, and unfiltered drunk words.

Just One Moment

The recently deceased pursue "a happily ever afterlife" at the Afterlife Assistance Center in this imaginative new play.

The Rental

A call girl and her client get more than they bargained for in this play.

The Terrible Legend of Victoria Woodhull

Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for President of the United States of America in 1872, and this is her fascinating story.

The Study

This immersive, world premiere experience takes place during a collegiate psychological clinical test of the flight-or-fight response.