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Please Note: Strictly over 18s, contains strong language

About Crooks 1926

Plunge deep into the cockney criminal underworld of Elephant and Castle as you are immersed in one family’s brutal battle for supremacy. Nothing is certain, violence is rampant and bargains are made to be broken. You can shape it all…

With COLAB Theatre’s most ambitious immersive production yet, you will have complete autonomy to shape the experience. Orchestrate the grand territorial takeover or fix the outcome of the horse race. Have your palm read, a fortune foretold, or scheme privately with a devious traitor. Perhaps you alone will wield the power of life and death, the choice is yours. Each experience will be different as you decide what to see and who to interact with.

Housed in COLAB’s new, dedicated immersive space, the chance to live and breath the dark and gritty reality of the 1920’s has never been closer.

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Strictly Over 18's only

The King William IV

16 Harper Road, London, SE1 6AD

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