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This show closed on February 24, 2019

About The Wider Earth

A new theatre in the Jerwood Gallery at the Natural History Museum will be unveiled for the European premiere of award-winning drama The Wider Earth. The play, about the story of a young Charles Darwin, will then run for a limited season.

Join the 22 year old Darwin on HMS Beagle’s daring voyage to the far side of the world and discover the gripping story behind one of the most important discoveries in history.

The Wider Earth features a cast of seven, remarkable puppetry, an original score and cinematic animations to bring to life uncharted landscapes in the theatrical event of 2018.

This is a partnership project between Trish Wadley Productions, Dead Puppet Society and the Natural History Museum.

Tell Me More

“The Wider Earth” is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines theatre, puppetry, and the spectacle of natural history, packed together into a two-hour drama. The critically acclaimed play follows a young Charles Darwin as he travels to the furthest reaches of the world, prepared to embrace the unknown and discover all the possible wonders. “The Wider Earth” is a family-friendly show designed to elicit the same feeling of discovery and wonder that Darwin felt on his real-life voyage. The Stage calls it the “kind of show that makes you feel 11 again.”

A highlight of the production is its incredible use of puppets. Imagine the theatrical magic of the “The Lion King” mixed with the natural marvels of “Blue Planet.” Performed in the Natural History Museum, this new play by David Morton is an ideal event for an evening with the children, following an afternoon of exploring the many engaging exhibitions and interesting installations the museum has to offer. Attendees of “The Wider Earth” join Darwin on the HMS Beagle for an expedition of a lifetime.

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What To Watch For

  • “The Wider Earth” is the first play to premiere at the Natural History Museum’s new theatre in the Jerwood Gallery. The space is particularly fitting for the play’s European premiere given that the Natural History Museum is host to many artifacts Darwin collected during his travels.
  • The production includes 30 puppets, all hand-made to represent the creatures and curiosities Darwin encountered throughout his journey. On the voyage – which spanned five years – he collected thousands of specimens which would provide evidence of his groundbreaking theories about the natural world.
  • David Morton consulted with world renowned Darwinian scholar Professor Adrian Lister in order to uphold the accuracy of the events and details of the play so the resulting story is as true to history as possible.

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Run Time

2hrs 10min (incl. interval)

Start Date

End Date


Recommended: 10+

Jerwood Gallery

Natural History Museum, London, - SW7 5BD

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