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TodayTix Picks!

A list of our teams favourite shows for September

Every month, each member of the team will pick their favourite show and tell us why they love it!


"With iconic songs including "Being Alive" and "Marry Me, A Little", Company is pure musical theatre heaven" - Merritt (Co-Founder)

The Jungle

"I loved The Jungle because I thought it was important, interesting and a great piece of theatre" - Stella (Team Ticketing)

Bat Out of Hell

Bat Out Of Hell is one of those shows that just makes you smile. It is big, bold and brassy!" - James (Team Ticketing)

Tina - The Tina Turner Musical

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel empowered and you’ll leave the theatre on a (Mountain) High" - Jordan (Team Ticketing)

The Inheritance (West End) Part 1

"The story is really engrossing and as cliche as it sounds it will make you laugh and make you cry in equal measure" - Tom (Office Manager)


"With catchy tunes, clever lyrics and a super talented all-female cast, this is the ultimate girl-power musical!" - Nicole (Marketing)

42nd Street

"Glitz, glamour and all the wow factor synonymous with a big Broadway production, 42nd Street is one hell of a show!" - Philip (Marketing)

Heathers The Musical

"It’s such a slick production of a really fun show, getting a very well-deserved transfer" - Rob (Partnerships)