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The Play's the Thing (Top Plays)

Not interested in a song and dance? These shows are the best plays in town.

From classic plays to new writing, discover the plays that critics and fans are talking about on the West End.

Killer Joe

The Smiths have got murderous idea, but can one crooked cop help them get away with it?


An acclaimed drama, Consent follows a group of lawyers on a challenging case that forces them to confront their preconceived ideas.

The Inheritance (West End) Part 1

The West End transfer of this hit new play has audiences and critics raving. It's a look at the gay community post-AIDS crisis in NYC.

The Inheritance (West End) Part 2

A two-parter, you'll need to see Part 2 to get the full story of The Inheritance.


A look into the life and studio of famous artist Mark Rothko and his turbulent relationship with his assistant. Starring Alfred Molina.


Shakespeare's iconic drama follows the Danish Prince, haunted by his late father's ghost, seeking revenge.