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Explore our curated lists to find the perfect show for you

The Play's the Thing (Top Plays)

Not interested in a song and dance? These shows are the best plays in town.

Catchiest Musicals

Sing, laugh, cry, and tap along with the most entertaining musicals in town.

London's Hidden Gems

These are the shows that you might not have heard of, but trust us, you won't want to miss them!

Knee Slappers!

Be careful seeing these hysterical shows as they'll have you falling out of your seat in laughter.

Fun for the whole family

Whether you're taking the kids to their very first show or revisiting a beloved classic, there's something here for everyone.


The famous actors in these shows will prove to you why they're known as some of the best!

Date Night

These shows are guaranteed to impress a first date or be a fantastic surprise treat for your partner.

Just Visiting

Whether you're new to theatre or a seasoned fan, these shows are absolute must sees during your visit to London.

Critical Picks

Check out the shows that London critics are raving about!

Visual Feast

These shows not only have great stories to tell but are also incredible spectacles!


Get tickets to something that you know and love or a big show you've always dreamed of seeing.

Based On

Whether you saw the film or read the book, nothing quite compares to the personal experience of seeing it LIVE!


These shows will tug at the heartstrings, so don't forget to bring some tissues!

Award Winning

Don't just see what the public is talking about, but experience the shows that have the awards to back it up!

Feel Good

When you need something joyous and uplifting that will have you smiling for days, pick one of these great shows!

This Week @ Underbelly

See what's on this week at Underbelly Festival.