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About The Infinite Wrench

THE INFINITE WRENCH is a mechanism that unleashes a barrage of two-minute plays for a live audience. Each play offers something different—some are funny, others profound. Some are elegant, disgusting, topical, irrelevant, terrifying, or put to song. All of the plays are truthful and tackle the here-and-now, inspired by the lived experiences of the performers. With new plays every week, THE INFINITE WRENCH is The Neo-Futurists’ ongoing and ever-changing attempt to shift the conventions of live performance and speak to the present audience, including those unreached or unmoved by other types of theater.

Run Time

60 minutes

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The Neo-Futurists have not disappointed with their new take on their old classic. They are as punchy and thought-provoking as ever. Old fans and new faces will enjoy The Infinite Wrech (hopefully) for years to come.
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The Neo-Futurarium

5153 N. Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

Since 1990, the space at 5153 N Ashland has been The Neo-Futurarium. Formerly, it has been a dance hall, Romanian library, and community center. Now it has been converted into one of the most eclectic and memorable theater spaces in Chicago. Every year, the space is home to: 50 weekends of Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind; Original prime-time productions; Barrel of Monkeys’ That’s Weird, Grandma; workshops and many other events!

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