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These hilarious shows will have you LOLing, LMAOing, and ROFLing.

Sunday Night Live

Modeled after Saturday Night Live, SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE features all-new sketches, live music, and a special guest host every week!

The School for Scandal

In a society awash in gossip, rumours and backbiting, truth has a way of tumbling out in this hilarious, fast-paced comedy.


Vice becomes virtue in Molière’s hilarious exploration of power and hypocrisy.

Avenue Q

LOL at this musical that has been described as "Sesame Street on Steroids"!

The Madwoman of Chaillot

Don't miss this timeless comedy about a flamboyantly determined woman in 20th-century Paris.

Androcles and the Lion

In an interactive twist on Shaw’s tale, waiting to be thrown to the lions (literally!) has never been funnier!

Picture This

Strugging artists and a visiting Hollywood producer are the basis for this comedy of epic proportions.