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The Play's the Thing (Top Plays)

Not interested in a song and dance? These shows are the best plays in town.

From classic plays to new writing, discover the plays that critics and fans are talking about on the West End.

The Ferryman

A stranger joins a village celebration in rural Ireland and sparks tension between the residents.
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Theatrical legend Stockard Channing stars in this topical and witty play about generations, secrets, and warring perspectives.


Discover the birth of media king Rupert Murdoch and The Sun newspaper in this clever drama.

Heisenberg: The Uncertainty Principle

Simson Stephen's play explores the strange connection two strangers develop after meeting on a London train.
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Venus in Fur

An actress spends an unexpected evening with a director she wants to cast her, where will their evening end?

Doubt, A Parable

After a priest is accused of a crime, one nun takes it upon herself to see justice done.