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Save on theater tickets with our Referral Program.

With our referral program, whenever a friend or family member uses your code, they get £10 off their first purchase and you get a £10 credit. The more you share, the more you can save.

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You can find your code in app by tapping Refer & Save from the menu.
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When your friend enters your code at checkout,they'll get £10 off their first purchase.
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After they see their show, you'll get a £10 credit toward your next purchase.

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Terms and Conditions

Referral credits may be used towards the purchase of any show available on TodayTix. Referral credits have no cash value and are non-refundable. If the value of a purchase is less than £10, Referral credits cannot be applied. If you redeem a Referral credit in a different currency from which it was issued, the Referral credit’s entire value will be converted at a market exchange rate determined by TodayTix. The redemption of Referral credits may not be combined with any other offer or promotion code. Your Referral code account may not be used in sales or promotional activities. Your Referral code may not be distributed, transmitted, be made available to the general public outside of our Application social sharing function or used for commercial gain.

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