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Get tickets to something that you know and love or a big show you've always dreamed of seeing.

See a classic musical or play in London with our list of the best on the West End. Don't miss an iconic show with our guide to the classics.

The Mousetrap

London's best kept secret is the long-running murder mystery by Agatha Christie.

The Phantom of the Opera

Beneath the Paris Opera House, a dark secret lives, biding its time...The Phantom of the Opera is full of obsession, love and jealousy.


Never seen a witch flying high over London? Experience the magic of Wicked now at the Apollo Victoria.

Les Misérables

For over 35 years, Les Misérables has wowed audiences with the heartbreaking story of Jean Valjean's search for family and freedom.

The Woman In Black

Creaking floorboards, slamming doors and the spectre of the Woman in Black will guarantee nightmares for at least a week!