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5 Hacks to Pretend You’re a Local in Toronto

August 15, 2017 by Anne Berkowitz
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If you’re venturing to Toronto and worried about looking like a tourist, have no fear; we’ve got some tips and tricks for you to blend right in! Whether you’re moving to Toronto or stopping in for a visit, here are some great ways you can act like a local outside of the theatre.

1. Lament about the closing of Honest Ed’s.

Ed Mirvish opened the beloved discount store Honest Ed’s in 1948. When the local landmark shuttered at the end of last year, many Toronto natives mourned the major loss. If you find yourself shopping with someone for Toronto and want to come off like a local, you can make the aside, “This is good, but it’s no Honest Ed’s.”

2. Tag an “Eh” at the end of your sentences.

This one may be a little more obvious, but don’t forget to do it! You’re not really from Toronto if every sentence doesn’t sound like a question, eh?

3. Throw a Drake lyric into every day conversation.

Toronto locals love the multitalented Drake, who was born in the beautiful city in 1986. Any mention of Drake will be appreciated by a proud Torontonian. However, you can be cool about it by casually saying something like, “I’m on a roll like Cottonelle.”

4. Complain about the transit system.

Like many transit systems, Toronto’s is not very popular with the locals. No conversation with a Toronto native (or anyone just living in Toronto, for that matter) without a complaint about the TTC, the 3rd largest transit system in North America. Even if you haven’t had a chance to ride it yet on your visit, just complain about the trains being slow or your bus being stuck in a snowbank and you’ll be golden.

5. Mention how excited you are for the Prince of Wale’s upcoming season.

One of the most treasured theaters in Toronto is the luxurious Prince of Wale’s Theater. In 1993, producers David and Ed Mirvish (of aforementioned Honest Ed’s fame) built the stunning 2,000 seat play and musical venue down the street from the Royal Alexandria, which created what is now known as Toronto’s Entertainment District. If you’re looking to be in-the-know, say something like, “I can’t wait for Salt-Water Moon!” (a Canadian classic) or “Are you excited for the return of Disgraced in November?” or “I’m thrilled that King Charles III is finally making it’s way up here!” Be sure to check out the discounted seats available to those productions on TodayTix for extra brownie points.

What are some ways you like to blend into the Toronto scene? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!