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The Best Comedy Classes in the Bay Area

August 10, 2017 by Corinne Mosher
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Trying to take your dad jokes to the next level? Want to learn how to use your shower Shakira voice for comedy purposes? Dreamed of writing for SNL but never knew where to start? Say no more! In honor of TodayTix Comedy Month, we’ve scoped out a variety of the Bay Area’s best comedy classes tailored to any comedy desire you may have. Many of the comedy schools that we’ve listed offer a variety of classes, so be sure to check out all the opportunities out there!

Classic Stand-Up

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San Francisco Comedy College, a trusted name in the stand-up world, offers beginner and advanced stand-up courses, so whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, they’ve got your back. They’ll help you produce the perfect punch line and develop new material in minutes, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a comedic genius in no time! Just remember to thank us for hooking you up with the details when you become mega famous.

Sketch Comedy Writing

comedy writing
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This type of comedy takes skill. I’m sure you’ve seen SNL sketches that have you rolling on the floor with laughing cramps, as well as scenes that have made you feel sorry for the poor, unknowing guest-host of the week. If you don’t want your sketches to end up like the latter, we suggest you sign up for Endgames Improv‘s Sketch Writing class. Their course will mold you into the dynamic comedy writer that you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Sketch Comedy Acting

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Sketch acting takes a ton of skill and intuition to perfect! Killing My Lobster is not only a fabulous name, but it is also the coolest sketch comedy haven around the Bay Area. Their classes fill-up faster than a woman’s restroom at intermission, so be vigilant if you’re ready for sketch acting stardom!

Emcee Class

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Didn’t know there were classes on being a killer emcee? Well congratulations, now you do! We recommend Rooster T. Feathers‘ “How to be a GREAT Emcee” comedy class in Sunnyvale. This one-time, 90 minute class is the perfect crash course on how to be a hilarious host.


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Ready to be an improv star? Look no further than BATS Improv;  their improv school is impeccable, and will have you acting on your toes in no time! If you don’t know what “zip zap zop” is now, you will soon.

Musical Improv

musical improv
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It sounds intimidating, we can’t lie, but imagine learning how to improv with the magical power of music! Leela offers Musical Improv classes for those who wish to take their singing skills to new, comedic horizons. No previous musical experience is required to learn this fun new skill/art form. Warm up those vocal chords and get your improv juices flowing!

Are you ready to become a funnier, more annoying (?) version of yourself with the help of some professional comedy classes? We think you are! Share your favorite comedy class stories with us, or even tell us your favorite pun! We’d love to laugh at you(r jokes) on Twitter and Instagram!