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12 Broadway-Inspired Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

October 8, 2018 by Allison Considine
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Stumped on a Halloween costume? Look no further than theBroadway stage. From long-running shows to upcoming musicals, here are some characters you can recreate with items in your closet and some light DIY-ing. Grab your glue gun and some scissors — and get ready to make your big debut this Halloween!

Beetlejuice, “Beetlejuice”
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! If you say his name three times, maybe a costume will appear. For this ensemble, fasten strips of white crepe paper on a black suit. Top it off with a tousled white wig, or perhaps some cotton batting.

Anastasia, “Anastasia”
If you want to go the princess route, look know further than Anastasia. The might-be Romanov dons a red gown, complete with white gloves — and a crown, of course. Craft a crown from metallic poster board, or bedazzle a paper crown with rhinestones for this royal look. Grab a red dress from your closet, and you’re set.

Alexander Hamilton, “Hamilton”
Perhaps you’d rather be a hero and a scholar. Alexander Hamilton is a great excuse to whip out your equestrian boots. Don’t have a tail coat? Use whatever blazer or jacket you’ve got and dress it up with DIY epaulettes, which can be easily made with a hot glue gun and some tassels. Be a self-starter.

Evan Hansen, “Dear Evan Hansen”
Evan Hansen is the perfect use-what’s-in-your-closet costume. Blue polo shirt? Check. Khakis? Check. Sneakers? Check. Now for the fun part: the cast. Get some newspaper, glue, gauze, and water and make a paper mache arm cast. Bonus points if you get your friends to sign!

Prom-goer, “The Prom”
Do you ever wish you could get a do-over with prom? Get inspired by “The Prom” and pick out the dress or suit of your adult dreams. Be sure to wear a wrist corsage or lapel boutonniere, and don’t forget to pose for photos.

Regina George, “Mean Girls”
Maybe you want a different high school do-over. You can come back on top as the queen of The Plastics, Regina George from “Mean Girls.” She’s kind of a massive deal. And Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, so be sure to wear pink head-to-toe!

(Photographed by Joan Marcus)

Eliza Doolittle, “My Fair Lady”
Everyone wants an excuse to buy fresh flowers. Put a few bouquets in a basket and peddle the petals as “My Fair Lady’s” Eliza Doolittle. Wear a long skirt, a shawl, a flat top hat, and rub some brown makeup on your face. Complete the transformation with a Cockney accent.

The company of “The Band’s Visit.” (Photographed by Matthew Murphy)

Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra Player, “The Band’s Visit”
Do you play an instrument? Become a member of the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra! Dress up a blue suit with iron-on patches and brass buttons, and wear a police cap and aviator sunglasses. Tote your instrument and play some tunes from “The Band’s Visit.”

Cher, “The Cher Show”
Wanna be a queen? Embody the Goddess of Pop, Broadway’s incoming diva…Cher! Rock some bell-bottoms, or literally anything with sequins or fringe. The key to this costume is the wig: long black locks, or a big, curly blowout. Carry a microphone and maybe sing a song or two.

(Photographed by Matthew Murphy)

The Phantom, “The Phantom of the Opera”
If you want to be a ghoul this Halloween, be the phantom of the opera. Wear a tuxedo with a black cape — this can be fashioned from a tablecloth or bolt of black fabric — and for the essential piece, craft a half mask from a white paper plate. Don’t forget the bowtie!

Velma Kelly, “Chicago”
If you want a sexy costume, look no further than “Chicago’s” Velma Kelly. Wear a black flapper dress, or transform a LBD with adding a strand of fringe. Put on black gloves, fishnet stockings, red lipstick, and voilà!

Rafiki, “The Lion King”
Everyone knows that the best character in “The Lion King” is the sage mandrill Rafiki. Sport a gray sweatsuit (or a onesie!) and add an oval of light gray felt for the belly. Tape two blue plastic plates to your behind for the quintessential Rafiki feature. The hard part is the face makeup. Paint your nose orange and blue stripes onto your cheeks. Tease out your hair, and carry a walking stick. “Asante sana squash banana!”