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The 5 Best Episodes of the FOUND Podcast

December 5, 2016 by Anne Berkowitz
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In the hit podcast FOUND, Davy Rothbart explores the mysteries behind fascinating notes that have been discovered in the world. Through these random finds, he has created an entertaining and inspirational global community art project that explores themes of love, loss, and hope. The podcast has now been adapted into the new musical Found, which is about to play its final week at the Philadelphia Theatre Company.

Here are our favorite episodes from the first season of the podcast that you should be sure to check out before or after you see the acclaimed show.

1. Episode 6: Rent-A-Friend


Imagine having a friend who’s always ready to talk, whenever you need him. In this episode, Davy explores an incredible found video called “Rent-a-Friend” and the strange nature of friendship on-demand.

2. Episode 3 – Found Baby


It’s easy to get tunnel vision and be oblivious to your surroundings on the subway. Davy talks to a man who actually kept his eyes open while on a subway trip, and made an amazing, life-changing find.

3. Episode 9 – Forbidden Love – LIVE!


Special guests Starlee Kine of Mystery Show and Rico Gagliano & Brendan Newnam of The Dinner Party Download join Davy for a very special live episode! Featuring finds about real-life stories of forbidden love — love that defies the rules at school and the office, and even takes on societal conventions.

4. Episode 2 – Looking for Love


On this episode about looking for love, Davy discovers some of the crazy things that can happen when you put out a flyer, in public, searching for a girlfriend. Nick Nolte (A Walk in the Woods, Affliction) and David Cross (Arrested Development, Mr. Show) are guests.

5. Episode 1 – Asian Oprah: The Grand Dream


In this episode about the lives we dream about and the lives we end up living, Davy searches for the author of a found letter — a guy from Chicago who wants to become the “Asian Oprah” and change the face of entertainment. BD Wong (Gotham, Jurassic Park) is a guest.

Be sure to check out the FOUND musical at Philadelphia Theater Company. Every $5 fee on each Found ticket purchased will be matched and donated by TodayTix and PTC to the Linda Creed Foundation. (That’s $10 for every ticket going to fight Breast Cancer.)

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