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Looking for Showmance in Philadelphia: Meet Hannah and Tim

February 13, 2017 by TodayTix
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9 cities. 18 singles. 9 blind dates. Introducing our Looking for Showmance Series, where we send two singles to meet for the first time, attend a show together, and document their experiences. Will a Showmance be sparked? Read on to find out!

Our Philly singles were in for a romantic journey, as they experienced Constellations at The Wilma Theater, followed by drinks and conversation at popular Korean restaurant Bop following the show! Let’s meet our lucky lovers:

Meet Hannah:


Hannah is a shoe designer who moved to Philadelphia 2.5 years ago. She loves trying new things and is excited to meet new people in the city!

What are your expectations for this blind date?

“I don’t have too many expectations! I signed up for this because I’ve never been on a blind date before, and I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone. This seemed like the perfect way to do just that.”

How do you feel about theater?

“I really enjoy going to the theater, but I never go as often as I’d like! The last thing I saw was Hamilton. I typically go for comedies over dramas, but I’m open to a wide variety of shows.”

Meet Tim:


Tim was born and raised in Philadelphia, and he works as a Special Education Teaching Assistant. He loves to try new things and go with the flow!

What are your expectations for this blind date?

I’m very open to trying new things, and believe that good relationships are built over time and not rushed. I’m excited to see where this leads!”

How do you feel about theater?

“I’ve been to the theater few times in my life, and would love to go more. I attended the Fringe Festival last year, and I also enjoy classic comedies.”

The Date:


Hannah and Tim headed to The Wilma to see Constellations, a show that’s both equal parts moving and fun. Will seeing such a romantic play lead to some real-life romance? After the date, we caught up with our singles to see how everything went:

What was the overall experience like for you? Would you go on a blind date again?

HANNAH: “Overall it was pretty good! I love the whole Showmance concept, and I think it’s a really nice way of trying to find someone, as opposed to using a dating app or  website.”

TIM: “The overall experience was definitely interesting and different! I would be open to doing it again.”

What was your first impression of your date?

HANNAH: “My first impression was that he looked really nice!  I’m from Chicago, so I appreciated that he was wearing a Bulls hat.”

TIM: “My first impression of Hannah was that she’s a really smart and cool person. The fact that she enjoys theater is a plus!”

What were your favorite things about your date?

HANNAH: “Tim cares about making the world a better place. He’s a high school special education teacher, which is a profession that I really admire.”

TIM: “My favorite thing about Hannah is that she designs shoes for a living. She’s very creative, and you can tell she’s passionate about her work. I also like that she’s from Chicago.”

What was your favorite thing about Constellations?

HANNAH: “I had no idea what Constellations was going to be like, and it was really funny! The show had a lot of heart to it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a play with just two people in it, so that was really eye opening to me.”

TIM: “The overall plot and concept were very unique. I also liked the fact that the show had no intermission. It was short and sweet.”

Do you think Constellations is a good date night show? Why or why not?

HANNAH: “I think it’s a great date night show, because it’s both moving and funny. I also thought it was a very smart play, and there was a lot for the two of us to discuss after the show.”

TIM: “It’s definitely a unique and thought-provoking night at the theater!”


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