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12 Reminders for Coping with Back to School-itis

August 23, 2016 by Juliana Panzera
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With back to school just around the corner, share these reminders with your friends in between stressing over your new schedule, searching for the best welcome week parties, and (attempting) to make new friends.

1. For when you remembered that class you need is only offered as an 8:00am Monday seminar.


2. For when you’re choosing that first day of school outfit.


3. For when you didn’t think it was possible for school to get any more expensive.


4. For when you regret lying on your roommate survey because you are neither “very neat” nor “in bed by 11:00pm most nights.”

Best of Luck with your random Roommate

5. For when that brutal rehearsal schedule comes out.

Time to dust of those character shoes

6. For when you can’t decide whether or not to skip that lecture…


7. For when you want to impress that cutie behind you in Calc.

Curious Incident

8. For when you need a pickup line.

Will you run lines with me

9. For when you’re not sure the dining hall food is safe to eat.

Sweeney Todd

10. For when your roommate doesn’t get the part they wanted.

No Small Parts

11. For when you’re practicing your monologue while you’re in the shower, or doing the dishes, or on the subway…

Auditioning is Fun

12. For when all else fails.

Keep Calm

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