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Your Guide to a Night Out at ‘Oscar at The Crown’

June 25, 2019 by Katie Oxman
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A blink away from Manhattan, through a wonderland of murals, is a hidden place to be “fabulous, frivolous and free, where no one can stop you.” It’s “Oscar at The Crown,” now playing at 3 Dollar Bill in Brooklyn. From start to finish, this is a full on night out, with neon lights, fierce belting, spectacular dancing, drinks, disco, and more. Don your sparkles, leather, statement sleeves, and lip gloss, and pop over to Brooklyn for a new musical on a dance floor. Yes, you will be dancing and laughing and filming this musical to your heart’s content. And just when you think that you’ve got the show’s number, there’s a surprise moment and some mind-blowing belting courtesy of Kerri George to keep you on your toes. “The world still has some beauty in it,” so let’s dance!

Here’s how to make the most of your night, from one reveler to another.

(Courtesy of Katie Oxman)

How to Dress  
There was never a better show or event to really dress up for. For me, this meant really big puffy sleeves as an homage to the time period and the main character himself, Oscar Wilde. Plus, my biggest, most sparkly statement earrings, and a bright red heart-shaped purse. (It’s all about the love, after all). This would be the perfect night for some black leather, sequined everything, and that skirt you love to dance in. The bigger the better here, and more is more. Pro Tip: While I wore heels and was quite comfortable, you will be standing, grooving, and moving the entire show. Keep comfortable shoes in mind when you dress to the nines. And make sure to charge your phone!

(Courtesy of Katie Oxman)

How to Get There
We hopped on the Q train from Manhattan to get to the L train to Brooklyn. Remember when they were going to shut down the L train for a year? Well good news, it’s alive! A few short stops on the L (get off at Montrose), and we suddenly emerged in the mural capital of NYC. The entire building is covered in the rainbow mural I mentioned, so stop and strike a pose.  Now it’s time to head inside.

(Courtesy of Katie Oxman)

How to Pre-Party
Arrive early so you can use the photo booth, take in the neon signs, and grab a drink or two (you can take them into the show!). There’s another mural inside, plus a photo op featuring the name of the show. Don’t be afraid of your flash! Just add a slightly pink filter and you’ve got a disco photo dream. If you want the star treatment, upgrade to Wilde Status, and get escorted to your very own table, and personal service for your first drink (included). Make sure you use the neon-lit bathrooms before you head in, because you don’t want to leave this show in the middle.

(Courtesy of Katie Oxman)

How to Dance Party
So you’re hyped. You’ve had a drink. You’re sparkly. You’re ready. Now the doors open, and it’s already a dance party under the disco ball. While the cast dances around you on multiple platforms to some of your favorite jams, don’t be afraid to groove! This is very immersive (although no need to feel nervous, the talented actors do all the work for you), but you are fully in the show as it happens all around you. Once it starts, the dance party vibes remain. You can continue to dance and drink and even take pictures as the show happens around you. The platforms move around you as the cast dances and belts up a storm. Don’t be afraid to stand under that disco ball to be right in the middle of the action.

(Courtesy of Katie Oxman)

How to After Party
After the show, the party continues, and you can step right out into the back for empanadas, nachos, and churros from Del Sur BK. Honestly can you even imagine a better summer night? You’ll still be grooving to “Glimmer of Light” and vogueing while you crunch on your guac and chips.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth, revelers, and enjoy! 

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