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Wrap these show-inspired presents with the gift of theatre tickets

December 13, 2021 by TodayTix
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The best thing about giving someone theatre tickets as a gift is that it’s hassle-free. Because TodayTix delivers your tickets by email or lets you pick them up at the theatre when you go, you don’t have to worry about shipping mishaps or shopping at crowded stores. Also, a TodayTix gift card lets your recipients pick their show, with all their options in one place. But since you don’t have a physical ticket or gift card, what will you wrap for them to open?

We’ve got you covered with some ideas for show-inspired gifts to pair with Broadway tickets. Even if you’re getting a gift card — which you can now buy for 10% off — you can choose a gift based on a show you think they’ll like (or one they’ve been talking about for forever). Or get them a couple things to show them all the Broadway shows they can choose from on TodayTix!

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TodayTix gift card: Broadway merch

Just like the selection of show tickets you can get with a TodayTix gift card, the possibilities for what to wrap with one are endless. Give someone a t-shirt or mug from the last Broadway show you saw, which you know they’ll love. Wrap up a CD of the cast album they listen to on repeat. There are so many ways to show someone they’ll be going to Broadway! (The best one is the TodayTix gift card, though.)

The Book of Mormon and a tie

The Book of Mormon: a pen holder and tie

Mormon missionaries go two by two, and so do great gifts. For a gift inspired by the Mormons’ accessories from the musical, you can get someone a sleek black tie (which they can wear to the show!) and a portable pen holder along with The Book of Mormon tickets.

If you want to take a literal route, you could get them an actual copy of the Book of Mormon — the religious text, not the musical’s script (although that’s certainly an option for a die-hard fan). Depending on how spiritual they are, they might get less use out of it than a pen holder or tie, but it’s clear which show you’re gifting them along with it!

Get The Book of Mormon tickets on TodayTix.

Come From Away and maple syrup

Come From Away: Canada merch

You can be creative with this one — get a scarf or hat with a maple leaf on it, a bottle of real maple syrup, Canadian flag stickers, or a “Commander Gander” plush toy. Or get the Commander Gander Goes to Come From Away children’s book if you want to be a bit more direct. No matter which one you choose, anything Canada-related will hint to the recipient that you got them tickets to Come From Away, which takes place in Newfoundland.

Get Come From Away tickets on TodayTix.

Company and Maker's Mark

Company: a bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon

Bobbie baby, Bobbie bubby, Bobbie…bourbon? In Company, bourbon — specifically Maker’s Mark — is the lead character Bobbie’s signature drink. If you’re giving Company tickets to someone who likes the drink as much as she does, a bottle is a great companion to the ticket. It’s booze they can use!

If the recipient is a Patti LuPone fan, you can get them the ingredients for Joanne’s go-to cocktail instead. A bottle each of vodka and creme de menthe are all they’d need to make plenty of vodka stingers.

Get Company tickets on TodayTix.

American Utopia and Talking Heads CD

David Byrne’s American Utopia: a Talking Heads CD

Of course, you could also get David Byrne’s 2018 studio album of the same name, but a Talking Heads CD is a pretty good hint without essentially giving them the show on tape. Byrne doesn’t sing a ton of Talking Heads songs during American Utopia, but that’s alright — even if the recipient listens to the CD on repeat, they won’t get tired of the music in the show before seeing it (not that that’s possible). The music will get them in the mood for a night of Byrne regardless.

Get David Byrne’s American Utopia tickets on TodayTix.

Dear Evan Hansen and a journal

Dear Evan Hansen: a journal

Starting a journal is a ton of people’s New Year’s resolution, right? If you know someone like that, gift them a journal. They’ll be taking a page from Evan Hansen, who writes letters to himself to sort out his feelings, in no time — especially if you get them Dear Evan Hansen tickets, too! They’re sure to be inspired after seeing the show.

Get Dear Evan Hansen tickets on TodayTix.

Girl From the North Country and a scarf

Girl From the North Country: a cozy scarf

It’s chilly up there in Minnesota! You’d need a scarf if you were in Girl From the North Country, which takes place during the winter, but you — and your gift recipient — need it now anyway because New York winters aren’t much warmer. A scarf is a practical gift to fight off the cold, and it makes a chic accessory to wear to the theatre, too!

Get Girl From the North Country tickets on TodayTix.

Hadestown and a record player

Hadestown: a record player

Hadestown is about the indomitable power of love, but also about the power of music, as the lead character Orpheus is a master musician who can charm anyone with a song. A record player is a great gift for anyone who’s also enchanted by music, whether or not they play an instrument like Orpheus does. And the Hadestown cast album’s jazz and folk melodies sound absolutely gorgeous on vinyl — but even more gorgeous live, as the recipient will find out when you get them Hadestown tickets, too!

Get Hadestown tickets on TodayTix.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical and champagne

Moulin Rouge! The Musical: French champagne

Anything French, really — macarons, a beret, a French press — will signal to someone that you’re taking them to Moulin Rouge! The Musical, the closest you can get to the famed French nightclub on this side of the Atlantic. But the Moulin Rouge is full of grandeur and opulence, and a fancy bottle of French champagne honors that more than anything. Have a toast to your night out with your friends or partner before heading to the theatre!

Get Moulin Rouge! The Musical tickets on TodayTix.

Mrs. Doubtfire and a sock monkey puppet

Mrs. Doubtfire: puppets

Give the gift of puppets, poppets! In the movie and the Broadway musical, the titular character of Mrs. Doubtfire is known for endearing children with adorable puppet work on a kid’s TV show. And since Mrs. Doubtfire is a family-friendly musical, you can get tickets for the whole family to see the show, along with some puppets for your little ones to play with in the meantime.

Get Mrs. Doubtfire tickets on TodayTix.

Take Me Out and a baseball field

Take Me Out: tickets to a baseball game

Sports fans and theatre fans can be one and the same! If you know someone who likes sports games and Broadway shows, get them tickets to both events — and there’s no better choice of show than Take Me Out, a play about the tension that unfolds in a professional baseball team’s locker room. Or, if you’re on more of a budget and/or you’re gifting the show tickets to a baseball player, pair them instead with a baseball bat, glove, and/or ball.

Get Take Me Out tickets on TodayTix.

Thoughts of a Colored Man and a Langston Hughes poetry book

Thoughts of a Colored Man: a poetry book

Thoughts of a Colored Man uses many different art forms, including dance, music, and poetry, to tell the stories of seven Black men living in Brooklyn. Before they see the show, introduce the recipient to the rich poetic history the show draws from by gifting them a collection of poems by a Black male poet like Langston Hughes, Etheridge Knight, James Emanuel, or James Weldon Johnson.

Get Thoughts of a Colored Man tickets on TodayTix.

To Kill a Mockingbird play and novel

To Kill a Mockingbird: a copy of Harper Lee’s novel

Maybe you have a friend who still thinks of To Kill a Mockingbird as “that book they read in high school.” Gift them a fresh copy of the novel along with tickets to the Broadway play to remind them that it’s so much more. They can read the book before the play to refresh their memory, or afterward once they’ve seen the story come to life and can picture the action clearly in their mind while reading. Either way, they’ll get to experience the story of the Finch family in a whole new way.

Get To Kill a Mockingbird tickets on TodayTix.

Waitress and pie

Waitress: a pie-making kit

A pie pan, a rolling pin, and the ingredients for a pie flavor of your choice (don’t forget the sugar, butter, and flour!) are the recipe for a delicious gift. You and the recipient can channel your inner Jennas together and use the items in your gift to bake a tasty pie. But the secret ingredient you should include to make the kit a next-level present? Waitress tickets.

Get Waitress tickets on TodayTix.

Wicked and red high heels

Wicked: ruby slippers

If you know someone that loves shoes — and Wicked — get them the most fashionable pair of red heels you can find for the holidays this year along with tickets to the musical. The shoes might not have the magical powers of Dorothy’s shoes, but they will make the recipient look wicked fashionable when they go see the show, and everyone will be green with envy.

Get Wicked tickets on TodayTix.