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Why you should celebrate Memorial Day weekend at the theatre

May 27, 2022 by TodayTix
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Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. The holiday is known for outdoor barbecues, family beach trips, and weekend getaways. But did you know it’s also the perfect time to go to the theatre? Think about it — a barbecue party is only one day long, and the weekend is three, so you have two other days to make plans with family or friends. You can spend some time inside to catch a break from the sun. Broadway has shows for people of all ages. And TodayTix has dozens of theatre ticket deals with our limited-time Memorial Day Sale from May 27-31.

And if you’re going on a trip for Memorial Day weekend, and you’ve arrived at this article, chances are you’re vacationing in New York. So why not see some shows while you’re here? Many of this year’s biggest Tony-nominated shows are in high gear, giving you so much great theatre to choose from. You can get tickets to it all with TodayTix’s Memorial Day Sale.

Still need convincing? Here’s our guide to seeing theatre this Memorial Day, with plenty of show recommendations.

Get Memorial Day Sale tickets on TodayTix.

More people at the beach = less people at the theatre.

Lots of New York locals are probably taking a break from the concrete jungle and fleeing to the Jersey Shore or Coney Island for the weekend. That means there’s less competition for seats! Weekends are usually busiest for shows, but you could luck out by snagging a great seat to a show on Memorial Day weekend. Now might also be the best time to try for a same-day Rush ticket or take your chances on a TodayTix Lottery for low-priced seats — check out all the shows offering Rush and Lottery tickets on TodayTix.

Theatre is a must-see on a New York City trip.

If you’re in the city on a long-weekend trip for Memorial Day, you’ve got to catch a show. Theatre is one of the things that makes New York City, New York City. Broadway is one of the world’s biggest theatre hubs, and there’s great new theatre (for equally great prices!) popping up at Off-Broadway theatres all over the city. With so many options, you’re bound to find at least one show you’ll love — and TodayTix has all types of listings in one place.

The Lion King

Plenty of shows will take you on a vacation.

So many Broadway musicals and plays are set in places far away from New York. If you’re a local, this means you can go on a Memorial Day weekend trip without leaving home, and if you’re a visitor, this means you get (at least) two vacations in one while you’re in New York! The Lion King and The Book of Mormon take you to Africa, Six and Moulin Rouge! The Musical to Europe, and more. Travel the world with these Broadway shows.

On the flip side, this is Memorial Day, after all, so you can also check out homegrown shows like The Music Man and Paradise Square if you’re in the mood for some Americana.

You can have a pre-show picnic or outdoor lunch.

New York City’s many restaurants have fully reopened their outdoor dining for the summer season, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather during your meal before heading inside to the theatre. Restaurant Row — the stretch of 46th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues — is a go-to hub for pre-show theatregoers, as there are tons of restaurants of all cuisine types that offer both indoor and outdoor dining, and they’re mere blocks from Broadway theatres. Here’s a list at some of the best places to eat before the theatre in New York City.

You could also take advantage of the city’s many green spaces for your own outdoor meal! Memorial Day is a classic cookout holiday, after all. Make or grab some food and sit in Bryant Park on 42nd Street, which is only a few blocks southeast of most Broadway theatres. Central Park is about 15 blocks north of the Theatre District, too, or you can walk all the way west to Riverside Park if you want to enjoy a meal with a waterside view.

The Music Man

There’s air conditioning.

Need we say more? Don’t just sit around your apartment or your hotel room trying to beat the heat — get some live entertainment in at the theatre! If you need a break from the sun after yesterday’s holiday barbecue or after walking around the city all day, the theatre is a cool place to be, in both senses of the word.

You can get great Broadway ticket deals with the TodayTix Memorial Day Sale.

We saved the best reason for last — TodayTix has a Memorial Day Sale going on from May 27-31. Right now, you can get great theatre ticket deals on dozens of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Catch a hit musical, a new play, or anything in between for a fantastic price.

You don’t just have to buy tickets for May performances — these prices apply to future dates, too. But if you’re only in the city for the long weekend, get on the TodayTix app today and see a show tonight or tomorrow after you’ve found a fantastic deal! See our top Memorial Day sale deals and all the shows with tickets under $49 and tickets under $99.

Get Memorial Day Sale tickets on TodayTix.