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What Would the Cast of ‘Pretty Woman’ Buy on an Unlimited Shopping Spree?

August 17, 2018 by Suzy Evans
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Samantha Barks and Andy Karl. (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

“Pretty Woman,” the 1990 film starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, is full of iconic scenes. One is when Vivian Ward walks into the shop on Rodeo Drive that wouldn’t help her and shoves her expensive purchases in the shopgirls’ faces. “Big mistake, huge!” she exclaims, as she runs off to do more shopping. Another, almost equally memorable, is the bathtub scene, when Vivian rocks out to Prince’s “Kiss” before Edward offers her the chance of a lifetime.

In honor of these moments of extravagance and self-care, we asked the cast of “Pretty Woman: The Musical” to share what they would buy first if given an unlimited shopping spree and how they practice self-care in their daily lives.

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If you were given an unlimited shopping spree, what would be the first thing you would buy?

Samantha Barks (Vivian Ward): “Kitchen gadgets. I love them. I can’t live without them. I’m such a geek.”

Andy Karl (Edward Lewis): New computer. Two-bedroom apartment would be nice. There’s always hope that we can afford things like that.

Jason Danieley (Philip Stuckey): My wife and I are so into downsizing right now and minimalism. Travel! Absolutely. We’d go back to Italy. We went to Italy on our honeymoon almost 21 years ago.

Samantha Barks (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Tommy Bracco (Julio): A trip to Italy. I want to go with my mother, take her away to Italy, and spend weeks just traveling, seeing the different cities there. That’s a dream of mine to be there and spend time there.

Orfeh (Kit De Luca): A private jet. Never commercial again. I could take all my dogs and not worry about it. Unlimited? I’m going for broke.

Orfeh (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Eric Anderson (Mr. Thompson): As I get older, I’m less materialistic. I’d probably get a really nice meal.

Jerry Mitchell (Director/Choreographer): A new suit or a new tux from Tom Ford.

Vivian teaches Edward how to find time for himself and appreciates things outside of work. How do you practice self-care?

Samantha Barks (Vivian Ward): I love yoga. It’s such a lovely thing, mentally. It’s exercise as well, but more for me mentally, it’s lovely and calming. That’s my little look-after-me moment.”

Andy Karl (Edward Lewis): I go to the gym still, haven’t left it ever since “Rocky.” I’m taking all the fundamentals that I learned from that. I had to get the knee back working. Strength training, that’s what it takes.

Jason Danieley (Philip Stuckey): “I run. I’m a distance runner. I did a half marathon and a 14K when we were in Chicago. Because of rehearsing and health issues we’ve been dealing with, I haven’t been able to run that much, but just getting out and running for six miles.”

Eric Anderson and Tommy Bracco. (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Tommy Bracco (Julio): “I’m obsessed with Gucci. So whenever I want to treat myself, I go to Gucci. I spend some of my hard-earned money. I’m obsessed. When I’m wearing expensive clothes, I feel like a million bucks. I do. I know it might be a little shallow, but it’s a guilty pleasure.”

Orfeh (Kit De Luca): “I get a lot of adjustments. I get my neck and bones back into place. I like to get massages. I don’t have a lot of time to that. It’s mostly about getting the bones adjusted so I can keep high-kicking and climbing up stairs in six-inch heels. Fun times.”

Eric Anderson (Mr. Thompson): “I take long baths. Sometimes I’ll take three in a day. I meditate in the bath.”

Jerry Mitchell (Director/Choreographer): “I go to the beach. I sit in the sand near the ocean and swim a lot.”