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Travel the world for spring break with these Broadway shows

April 14, 2022 by TodayTix
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If April showers and long work hours are getting you down, it’s time for a vacation. April is spring break season, so whether you’re parents of kids who have time off from school, college students planning a getaway, or an adult in need of a trip, it’s the perfect time to take one. Of course, vacations can be difficult and expensive to plan, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck. If you live in or near New York, Broadway theatres are your gateways to the world.

A trip to a show is a vacation and a staycation all in one: you can escape New York for a while without having to worry about jet lag or losing your luggage. Any show offers a break from your everyday routine, but Broadway shows set in other cities, countries and continents allow you to really experience somewhere new.

Four continents are currently represented on Broadway, so you can travel the world with ease, and there’s something for people who like safaris, beach trips, cultural excursions, and everything in between. Who needs plane tickets when you have show tickets?

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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Go to Paris with Moulin Rouge! The Musical

A plane ticket will get you to Paris, but only a Moulin Rouge! The Musical ticket will transport you to turn-of-the-20th-century bohemian Paris, when the Moulin Rouge nightclub was in its heyday and the can-can was first becoming a popular dance. And only in this musical can you see the tragic yet spectacular showmance between the performer Satine and the writer Christian, underscored with pop songs galore. Ready to take a romantic, time-traveling and glamorous trip to the City of Love for under $100? You can-can-can, with Moulin Rouge! The Musical!

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Come From Away

Go to Newfoundland with Come From Away

The trip to Newfoundland taken by the real-life people portrayed in Come From Away is admittedly a tragic one, having happened without warning when dozens of planes were diverted there after 9/11. But after spending a few hours with them, and seeing how these passengers and the Canadian townspeople supported each other in dark times, you’ll be charmed and won’t want to leave. You’re welcomed to “the rock” (the island of Newfoundland) the minute the show begins, and you’ll feel like you’re an honorary Newfoundlander by the time you leave. If you go for real after seeing the show, they’ll surely welcome you with open arms.

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Go to Arabia with Aladdin

Aladdin was originally supposed to be set in Baghdad, Iraq, but was changed to the fictional city of Agrabah, located a short distance away in the Arabian Peninsula. Regardless, you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new world watching the story of Aladdin there. The titular character is a street urchin who, with the help of a wish-granting genie, transforms himself into a prince to win a princess’s hand. And the two go on the most magical flyover by way of magic carpet. Sounds like the ultimate spring break trip to us!

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The Book of Mormon

Go to Uganda with The Book of Mormon

You’d be in for the adventure of your life if you planned to go to Disney World in Orlando for spring break, but ended up going to Uganda instead. That’s exactly what happens in The Book of Mormon to Elders Price and Cunningham, who want to go to Orlando as missionaries but are sent to convert the locals in a Ugandan village, a much harder task. Say hello to a fun-filled African vacation with The Book of Mormon, which has been converting curious Broadway travelers into musical comedy fans for 11 years.

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Go to Palm Springs with To My Girls

This Off-Broadway play is all about taking a vacation, and the set will make you feel like you’ve jetted to Palm Springs right alongside the characters. The characters in question are a group of gay male friends who’ve rented out a California beach house for a long-overdue reunion, but they soon learn that they’ve changed since they last saw each other, perhaps so much so that they can’t be friends anymore. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about your own trip going south — you can just grab a drink, lounge in your seat, and enjoy the many laughs that JC Lee’s comedy brings. Bring on the sunshine!

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Go to Scotland with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Most people think of England when they think of Harry Potter, but did you know that Hogwarts is actually located in Scotland? If it’s been a while since you’ve explored the castle by way of the Harry Potter books or films, return to the Wizarding World with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The play follows the next generation of wizards — Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco’s children — as they go on a time-traveling adventure to right past mistakes. Whether you get there by Hogwarts Express, Portkey or flying car, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home at the Lyric Theatre.

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Go to England with Six

Don’t lose your head planning an expensive trip to England — grab a ticket to Six and spend some time with six English queens instead. You can’t do that on a European vacation! Six centers on the six wives of Henry VIII, reimagined as members of a contemporary pop group who sing infectiously catchy tunes about who had it the worst as Henry’s wife. If you’re the type of person who likes to travel to places for their history and culture, Six is the show for you — you’ll learn about Tudor history, art, and music and have a royal helping of fun while doing it.

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The Lion King

Go to Africa with The Lion King

Take your place in the circle of life at The Lion King, where you’ll join a diverse array of wildlife in the African Pride Lands. They’re brought to spectacular life with life-sized puppetry in this musical adaptation of the Disney film. The young lion Simba is preparing to become King of the Pride Lands, but when his evil uncle Scar usurps power, Simba has to mature in order to battle him and take his rightful place on the throne. At The Lion King, you’ll get all the beautiful sights of an African safari, plus award-winning music like “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”. Be prepared for the trip of a lifetime when you go to The Lion King.

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