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TodayTix Dads Share Their Favorite Theatergoing Experiences

June 17, 2020 by TodayTix
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The fathers of TodayTix employees run the gamut when it comes to their levels of theatrical involvement. Some of them were total stage dads — raising their kids on cast recordings and community theater — while some didn’t really discover the magic of theater until their child became a theater geek. To celebrate Father’s Day, we asked TodayTixers to ask their dads about their favorite theatrical experience, whether it happened at age 5 or age 65.

Ali, Accounts Team
Dad’s Name:
Marc’s favorite theater experience: “As one who is fascinated by history, the feelings I experienced while attending ‘Hamilton’ were indescribable. I was able to view the modern day interpretation of Alexander Hamilton’s life and impact on American history in a completely new and exciting way. The music and acting created all sorts of emotions that nonfiction books could never do. I am a lifelong fan and will attend the musical over and over again whenever I have a chance.”

Ali and her dad, Marc, outside of the Richard Rodgers theatre before “Hamilton”

Victoria Ugarte, Product Team
Dad’s Name:
Jose’s favorite theater experience : “‘Godspell’ at Ford’s Theatre in 1973. Fantastic juxtaposition of the historic Ford’s Theatre and thoroughly modern and eclectic ‘Godspell.’ It was so small! They danced through the aisles! It was great.”

Geri, Accounts Team
Dad’s Name:
Bruce’s favorite theater experience: “My favorite theater experience was taking my two children, ages 8 and 4, to see a family friend who was in the original cast of ‘Jekyll & Hyde.’ That production and experience has had a lifelong effect on the entire family. I know we will all remember that special day.”

Tina, Marketing Team
Dad’s Name:
John’s favorite theater experience: “For very personal reasons, ‘Come From Away’ was my favorite theatre experience. My daughter was very involved with the marketing of the show, so after the show, we toured backstage, met the cast, and very much “experienced” the show, rather than just attending it.  My gratitude for the hospitality (much like the theme of ‘Come From Away’) was overshadowed only by my pride for my daughter’s hard work!”

John becoming a Newfoundlander backstage at “Come From Away”

Suzy, Marketing Team
Dad’s Name:
Greg’s favorite theater experience: “In July 1991, West Valley Light Opera, the premier community theater company of the South Bay, was performing Rogers and Hammerstein’s revolutionary musical ‘Oklahoma!’ What better show to introduce my 5-year old daughter to musical theater? We hopped in the car and were there in 20 minutes. Fast forward 24 summers to July 2015. My daughter, now 5-years into a career as a theater journalist, invited me to a preview performance of another revolutionary musical, ‘Hamilton.’ I had long ago devoured Ron Chernow’s 731-page book. I sat amazed at the fidelity with which Lin-Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece brought to life its historical events. As we walked out onto W. 46th Street, I looked up at the marquee: Richard Rogers! How appropriate, I thought. We hopped onto the 1 train and were home in 20 minutes. Oh, what a beautiful evening.”

Proud dad Greg snaps a picture of Suzy and Leslie Odom Jr. and still has the program from the first musical he took her to!

Nick, Marketing Team, London
Dad’s Name:
John’s favorite theater experience:  “Whenever we went to London as a family, my dad used to beg us to go see ‘Billy Elliot’, but the rest of us were not interested. Fast forward 10 years later when the show had just closed in London and was touring in Dublin, we all finally got to see the show together. After the show had finished, the first thing he said was “I TOLD YOU THIS SHOW WAS GOOD!!!” The 10-year wait was worth it, and I have since taken his theatre recommendations quite seriously.” – Nick

Abby, Marketing Team
Dad’s Name:
Jim’s favorite theater experience: “My next one! Seriously, that is an unanswerable question, so many performances would qualify… So I will go back to seeing ‘Les Miserables’ during the first national tour, because it was a wonderful and impactful performance that showed me the power of theater. I remember being moved when the Bishop forgives Jean Valjean and offers him more silver, buying his soul for God…and quietly weeping when the Angel Fantine comes to lead him to Salvation…Such an amazing force.”

Joseph, Marketing Team
Dad’s Name:
Rob’s favorite theater experience: My mum celebrated her 50th Birthday a few years ago and I organized for the whole family to have afternoon tea at The Ritz followed by a performance of ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’ Two iconic experiences in one day. Needless to say, not only did my mum enjoy her day, my dad was utterly blown away by the show, it was by no means his first choice of show but he now calls himself a ‘Phan.'” -Joseph

Rob at The Ritz before "Phantom of the Opera"
Rob at The Ritz for afternoon tea before falling in love with “Phantom of the Opera”

Tom, People Ops Team
Dad’s name:
Billy’s favorite theatre experience: “‘War Horse’ — my dad is a total history buff, who could tell you pretty much any fact about World War I. I bought tickets for my family as a Christmas treat and he was blown away. Turns out the way to make a grown man emotional is a puppet of a horse!” -Tom