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The Ultimate Fidget Spinner Guide

June 28, 2017 by Anne Berkowitz
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The fidget spinner is undoubtably the toy of the summer. Though nothing more than a small spinning gadget, a fidget spinner has the power to entertain kids (and adults) for hours at a time. Because of the toy’s popularity, there are now hundreds of varieties of spinners on the market. Just like the wondrous spinning toy, TodayTix is proud to offer a variety of theatrical outings, fit for any mood or fancy. We’ve matched 5 of our favorite versions of the fidget spinner with 5 different kinds of live theater. See what kind of spinner you should get based on your preference, and be sure to check out TodayTix to get the best seats at the best prices for your next theatrical adventure!

1. Dance: The Windhaven Tornado Triple Fidget Spinner

Classy, bold, and simply lovely to behold, the Windhaven Tornado Triple Fidget Spinner is the perfect fit for anyone who enjoys attending dance shows. We could watch this dark purple wonder spin and spin for almost as long as we could watch a kickass kick line!

2. Comedy: The Glowing Brass Hand Spinner

What a goofy-looking toy! This bright and colorful fidget spinner is great for anyone who loves to go out for a night of laughs. The only thing that may bring you as much joy as the Glowing Brass Hand Spinner? Comedy shows on TodayTix.

3. Musical Theatre: The Rainbow Zinc Alloy Thor Hand Spinner


This fabulous, dramatic rainbow spinner is the perfect toy for those who seek the thrills of musical theatre. If you live to see a Broadway star belting their face off – this rainbow confection is the fidget spinner for you.

4. Opera: The 24K Gold Plated Genuine Swarovski Crystals Spinner

Opera is filled with wonder and spectacle, just like this 24K Gold Plated Genuine Swarovski Crystals Spinner. You’ll love the grand nature of this spinner as much as you’ll love an operatic deathbed scene.

5. Dramatic Theatre: The Copper BadBiker Hand Spinner

We believe it was Shakespeare who said, “If fidgets be the food of love, spin on.” This multifaceted and hearty version of America’s favorite toy shows how the cogs work, much like a great performance in a dramatic play.

If you fear that fidget spinners won’t keep you occupied for the entirety of the summer, check out the rest of the many theatrical events playing in your area on TodayTix!