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The Official Guide to Navigating Awkward Intermission Conversation

September 30, 2016 by TodayTix
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We see you, sitting there alone, politely forfeiting your share of the armrest while staring at your Playbill. Now you’ve got about 10 minutes to go before Act II, there’s no signal, and you’re just about done reading all the ads. Why is talking to the stranger in the seat next to you during intermission so incredibly painful? No one knows, but in the meantime, here are six strategies to make that awkward chit chat easier on all of us.

1. Take elaborate selfies.

Then you can spend lots of time analyzing and weighing in on which ones you should each post to Instagram when the show’s over.
Duration: 2 minutes.

2. Play the Stage Name Game.

The first name is the name of the character you played in your first high school musical, middle name is your favorite character from the show you’re at, and last name is whatever hashtag you last used. GO.
Duration: 1.5 minutes

3. Lead a lively round of Theater Would You Rather.

Creativity wins here, but we’ll help get you started: Would you rather date the villain for one month or live for one day in a theater bedroom, i.e. with no walls and in front of a live audience?
Duration: 2.5 minutes

4. Tell a theater joke.

– Knock, Knock.
– Who’s there?
– Wherefore means.
– Wherefore means who?
– No, “wherefore” means “why.” How many times do we have to go over this?
Duration: 30 seconds

5. Share your thoughts about the show so far.

But make it more exciting by infusing each statement with a compliment. For example, “I loved the opening monologue but honestly it was nothing in comparison to the story you just told me about your cats.”
Duration: 2.5 minutes

6. Hand out snacks.

This one takes some planning, but if you make sure to stock up at concessions before the show, you’ll have plenty of delightful treats to keep you and your theater mates busy while you’re thinking of what else you all can talk about.
Duration: 1 minute (pending snack size)

And there you have it – we’ve officially gotten you through 10 excruciating minutes during intermission until the curtain goes up. During those final few minutes, just remember that conversations about where you’re going out to eat after the show are always a win. Sushi or burgers? Plenty to discuss. Enjoy the rest of the show!