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The 10 Stages of Returning to Theatre in New York

September 6, 2021 by TodayTix
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american utopia
The cast of American Utopia in rehearsals.

The ghost lights are being switched off. The house lights are being turned on. The orchestra is tuning up. Broadway is reopening its doors, and you’re invited.

For nearly 18 months, going back to Broadway has been merely wishful thinking. It’s just been a dream, where one day we’ll all be back in the theatres we love, sitting side by side and watching lifechanging theatre. And now, those happy days are here again. 

Get ready for theatre to reopen in New York

Feel the energy of NYC theatres this fall, and be a part of Broadway’s return. Theatre in New York is here to stay, and TodayTix is essential for having the best of Broadway and beyond at your fingertips. Here are the stages of making your return to the theatre this fall.


1. Disbelief

You know when Jenna sings in Waitress about opening up? That’s what Broadway theatres are doing this fall! Sometimes we can’t believe it either. You won’t have to spend all your evenings indoors, bingeing the latest TV shows (even though they’ve got Broadway actors in) and imagining a Broadway that’s full of “What Ifs?” It’s here. It’s now. Broadway is back, and you will be going to the theatre. Believe it!

Dear Evan Hansen

2. Overwhelmed 

With so much theatre to see, it can be hard to figure out where to start. All 41 Broadway theatres are reopening in the coming months, and 34 shows will be opening in the fall season, with world premieres and New York staples all greeting audiences. After 18 months of no theatre, seeing so many shows in one season may seem like a daunting task. But you’re in the right place with TodayTix, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

The Lion King

3. Following the trends

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay up to date with all the latest Broadway information, we’ve got you covered. Wanting theatre hottakes? Need to know the latest vaccination requirements for NYC shows? Just looking for a theatre account to fangirl with? We can do that, and more. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and get ready for theatre to take over your social feeds (if it’s not already).


4. Decision paralysis

Now here comes the hardest part of your theatre return: deciding which show to see. To keep you from overthinking all the choices, we’ve got a guide to all the live shows in NYC that you can see right now. From all the Broadway hits like Wicked, family favorites like Aladdin and The Lion King and incredible off-Broadway shows, there’s a show out there for everyone. Let us help you find a seat for New York’s return to theatre. While it might be hard to decide what to see, buying your tickets on TodayTix has never been easier!


5. Pick your crew (or go by yourself) 

Now is the time to plan who’s coming with you to the theatre. Will you finally see that show with family members you’ve wanted to see all pandemic long? Will you head out with friends for the ultimate theatre reunion, or will you soak up the theatre by attending a show solo? Whoever you’re attending the theatre with, keep the good times coming by blasting out the showtunes too.


6. Excitement

OMG. You’ve done it. You’ve actually secured your theatre tickets. You’ve received the booking confirmation and you’re actually going to a theatre to see a live performance. It’s perfectly acceptable to scream at the top of your lungs with excitement and dance to yourself with glee. If you’re anything like us, you’ll tell everybody you see that day that you’re going to see the must-see Broadway moment. The 25th anniversary of Chicago? You’re there. You can say hello to the 10th anniversary of The Book of Mormon. Theatre really is wonderful.


7. Obsession

Here at TodayTix, we know what it’s like to get obsessed over one niche thing. And once you’ve got your theatre tickets, it’s probably all you’ll be thinking about. That adrenaline rush will be coursing through your veins for hours. There’s no such thing as a bad theatre obsession. Listen to the soundtrack on repeat. Watch all the Instagram lives. Make TikTok dances. Basically, just eat, sleep, and breathe theatre.

The Book of Mormon

8. Anticipation 

The night before seeing your first New York theatre show is going to be fueled by anticipation. If you’re not sleeping like a kid on Christmas Eve, you’re not doing it right. You may feel the butterflies in your stomach, a sign of nervousness before stepping foot in an auditorium. You may be dreaming up routines in your head. Nothing will compare to seeing a show live though, and that’s what is happening really soon. 

9. Hope 

To adapt a line from Moulin Rouge! The Musical, how wonderful is life when theatre is in the world? You’re walking up to the theatre. You’re finally seeing that show you’ve been dreaming of. Maybe one day, it’ll be your name up in the lights, acting center stage and delivering a show-stealing, Tony Award-winning performance. A new lease of life and hopeful energy for a brighter Broadway consumes you. It’s here you truly realize that theatre is back, once and for all. Shedding tears will be a part of this step.


10. Repeat the process and buy all those sweet tickets on TodayTix

When the curtain comes down for the final time, you’ll know you need to be back in a Broadway theatre immediately. But being bit by the theatre bug doesn’t have to break the bank. Feel all the theatre feels and buy all the New York theatre tickets on TodayTix. We’ve got tickets for shows like Company, Mrs Doubtfire, Jagged Little Pill, and more. So what are you waiting for? To take a song title from Wicked, be back in the theatre… for good.