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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Karaoke Songs

April 21, 2020 by TodayTix
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Singing has proven healing properties, and we’re all been doing a lot more improvised choreography and belting in our living rooms lately. So whether you were a regular at the piano bar before lockdown or you’ve always been more of a shower singer, here are some of our favorite tunes to belt.

“The Winner Takes It All” from “Mamma Mia!
Tina Wargo, Marketing Team

This song has everything: pop appeal, big belt moments, and the opportunity to do Meryl Streep’s scarf-based choreography as you perform it. Bonus points if you nail the beats of her hand-acting during the somber pre-crescendo “But you see…”  bit.

“Come to Your Senses” from “Tick, Tick…Boom!”
Marika, Guest Services Team

I love having a good belt session in the shower, good for the soul! This song used to be a staple for auditions. It’s just really fun to sing and a proper rocky power ballad. However, this acoustic version by Natalie Weiss is a little more different with just a guitar but shows how versatile this song can be. Very excited that this is being adapted for the big screen too!

“Summer Lovin!” from “Grease”
Cory, People and Culture Team

It is literally the perfect duet that gets everyone in the bar singing along! My karaoke partner, Ruth, makes for an incredible Sandy! Added bonus: none of the notes are too high or low!

“Cabaret” from “Cabaret”
Ali, Accounts Team

This is always my go to karaoke song — I love the opportunity to embrace the sultry cabaret performer persona of Sally Bowles and also belt some money notes. You better believe I hold the “GOOOOO” of “when I go, I’m going like Elsie” for eternity until either the music kicks in or I’m forced to gasp for breath. 

“Do Re Mi” from “The Sound of Music”
Geri, Accounts Team

If you want to drive your friends (or neighbors) to the brink of insanity, sing “Do Re Me” from “The Sound of Music.” It’s hilarious, a classic, and gives you a good vocal warm-up for all the songs still to come! 

“Take Me or Leave Me” from “Rent”
Steph, Finance Team

It’s so hard to decide which part to sing. But no matter if you sing Joanne or Maureen’s part, it’s always a hit!

“So Much Better” from Legally Blonde: The Musical 
Matt, Accounts Team

Guilty pleasure alert! I can’t tell you the number of evenings that my friends and I have ended up doing some form of group karaoke to the Act 1 closer of “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” Okay, I can tell you: it’s at least five. This pump-up number is great to chant when you’re feeling even a little blue. 

“Don’t Rain On My Parade” from “Funny Girl”
Suzy, Marketing Team

The makings of a good karaoke song are as follows: overly dramatic, incredibly emotive, and feel good. This belter from “Funny Girl” has all of that in spades. Sure, I can’t hit half the notes, but it’s a great number to pump yourself up and showcase some of your best at-home choreography and dramatic hand gestures. 

“A Whole New World” from “Aladdin”
Sam, Ticketing Team

Yes it’s Disney and yes Mena Massoud does it better than you, but under the disco lighting of a karaoke bar (or of your living room), “I Can Show You The World” is a perfect pick for a pair of panicked pipes. The key kindly accommodates a wide range of intoxicated voices, making “I Can Show You The World” a welcome addition to a long night of karaoke. 

“Let It Go” from “Frozen”
Jordan, Partnerships Team

Everyone loves a good belt in a karaoke song, right? I don’t think there’s any song which better shows off your belting ability than this showstopper. Whether it’s the insane key change or imagining the crazy quick change, this is the ultimate stagey number to whack out in the karaoke bar that’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser if you nail it (or even if you don’t!)

“They Just Keep Moving the Line” from “Smash”
Nick, Marketing Team

Well, IF I had the voice to sing it, I think “Moving the Line” is the perfect belter song to impress people. The entire tune progresses, changes keys until the final minute where the emotion of the lyrics really impacts the performance and you can almost feel the singer’s rage and frustration. Definitely an ICONIC tune to lip sync to.