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Our dreamcast for the news anchors in ‘Election Week: The Musical!’

November 6, 2020 by TodayTix
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If you’re like us, you’ve had your eyes glued to the television for the past 48 hours (and counting) getting to know some of the TV personalities on networks like NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and more.

And just like Broadway performers, these newscasters have stamina. Whether it’s eight shows a week or three days and counting on the air, there’s no doubt that these journalists could make it onstage.

So which Broadway stars would play these reporters if this election week were musicalized? We have some ideas.

Patrick Page as John King

The stature. The booming voice. The calm. Are we seeing double? Patrick Page would make musical magic with John King’s magic map, and we can’t wait for the expert fantasy sequence with a large iPad called “The March of the Map.”

Drew Gehling as Steve Kornacki

The data musical sequence would have much more chaotic energy with MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki in the role, and we can’t think of a better actor with musical math nerd vibes than Drew Gehling. If anyone can sing with a pen in his mouth while adding up numbers, it’s him.

Adrienne Warren as Abby Phillip

The newly minted Tony Award nominee has the calm, cool, collected energy to channel the CNN political correspondent who keeps dropping the facts with poise. She would definitely perform the Act 1 finale.

Elizabeth Stanley as Savannah Guthrie

It might not have been during election week, but we’d love to see the song that the Jagged Little Pill star would perform for the NBC town hall a few weeks ago. Stanley has the class and power to really do Guthrie justice onstage.

Brian d’Arcy James as Wolf Blitzer

Wolf Blitzer is one of the faces of CNN, and Brian d’Arcy James is undeniably one of the faces of Broadway. You see his name in the program and you know you’re in for a treat, and we need that big Dad energy when it comes to reporting our election results.

Beth Malone as Rachel Maddow

This pairing could not be more perfect, in our opinion. Malone’s confidence and edge synchronizes with Maddow’s directness and charisma, and we can’t wait to see the inevitable 11 o’clock number that Malone would slay.

Leslie Odom, Jr. as Don Lemon

Leslie Odom Jr.

The Hamilton star wants you to “wait for it” (counting the ballots, that is), and his political savvy makes him perfect for another political role: CNN anchor Don Lemon. We just hope we could wait for this casting.

Julie Halston as Andrea Mitchell

Style and class? Andrea Mitchell and Julie Halston have them in spades (plus they have the same haircut). We can’t wait to see the suave dance number Halston would undeniably execute as the NBC News anchor.

Marc Kudisch as Brian Williams

We feel like Marc Kudisch’s bravado and wit make him perfect for the role of NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who is getting us through this election week roller coaster.

Norm Lewis as Lester Holt

Norm Lewis

We’d definitely watch Norm Lewis anchor NBC news. Not that we’re encouraging him to take Lester Holt’s job, but we definitely think he’d do it justice in this fantasy musical.

Christian Borle as Jake Tapper

Christian Borle’s multi-faceted talent would really bring Jake Tapper to life in a new way onstage. Tapper has been calm, cool, and collected, and we hope that Borle would channel that cool while also giving us an epic interior monologue song.

Kelli O’Hara as Dana Bash

If Dana Bash was a musical theater performer, she would definitely be a glorious soprano like Kelli O’Hara. So we know the Tony winner would take Bash’s elegance to the stage with some super powerful and emotional ballads.