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Looking for Showmance in NYC: Meet Amira and Bert

February 13, 2017 by TodayTix
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9 cities. 18 singles. 9 blind dates. Introducing our Looking for Showmance Series, where we send two singles to meet for the first time, attend a show together, and document their experiences. Will a Showmance be sparked? Read on to find out!

In New York, we take our matchmaking very seriously, which is why we teamed up with Modern Love Club to find two lucky singles. Founded by matchmaker Amy Van Doran, Modern Love Club provides matchmaking for extraordinary people. Ready to meet our NYC Showmance couple?

Meet Amira:


Amira works in public radio and moved to NYC from Florida for grad school, where she studied acting. When she’s not radioing or rooting around thrift stores for treasures, she likes to stay in, knit, and watch movies!

What are your expectations for this blind date?

“Dating in New York is silly. It’s almost like auditioning. I’ve learned to have zero expectations so I’m not disappointed when it doesn’t work out!”

How do you feel about theater?

“I love theater! I never regret going, even if I don’t like the show. And when it’s good, it’s a kind of spiritual experience. I like going to the Public, NYTW, and Playwrights Horizons. SITI Company is responsible for some of my favorite productions. I have tremendous respect for actors and theater-makers. We need them now more than ever.”

Meet Bert:


Bert is a brand consultant, and he also hosts a podcast that helps people with different political beliefs understand each other’s stories!

What are your expectations for this blind date?

“I have blind faith in the mad genius of Amy Van Doran and the Modern Love Club team!”

How do you feel about theater?

“The peak of my own personal theater career came in 5th grade, when I was the female lead in my summer camp’s play about a fish falling in love with a crab. While my talent and interest have somewhat waned since then, I still enjoy a good show. Pippin was the best thing I saw recently.”

The Date:


Bert and Amira headed to Broadway to see Cirque Du Soleil ParamourParamour’s death-defying stunts, music, dance, and breathtaking magic make the perfect show for some NYC Showmance. After the date, we caught up with our singles to see how everything went:

What was the overall experience like for you? Would you go on a blind date again?

AMIRA: “The overall experience was great. Bert was a good hang. I probably will go on a blind date again if someone decides to set me up!”

BERT: “It was very pleasant and an unexpectedly awesome Thursday night. I’m honestly not that into going on blind dates, but this was definitely one of the more awesome set-ups!”

What was your first impression of your date?

AMIRA: “Cuter than his picture. Friendly and warm.”

BERT: “Amira is an awesome human: she’s warm, confident, and present, and you could feel that from the beginning.”

What were your favorite things about your date?

AMIRA: “He’s super easy to talk to. Our conversation didn’t feel forced, and he paid attention when I talked and asked me things. It’s always nice to spend time with someone who’s present and engaging. He also made me laugh a lot!”

BERT: “It feels really good to spend time with good listeners, and Amira is definitely one of those. I’m also obsessed with a lot of the things Amira does (radio, voice work/podcasting) so we had a lot to talk about.”

What were you expecting Cirque du Soleil Paramour to be and how did it stack up?

AMIRA: “I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I wasn’t disappointed! I’m not into musicals, but I love watching people blow my mind with crazy feats of strength. That happened a few times in Paramour.”

BERT: “I knew nothing about the show so I didn’t have any expectations. I’m in awe of what these acrobats are capable of, and the direction does a good job of building excitement for the stunts. I also thought the musical performances were great.”

What was your favorite thing about Cirque du Soleil Paramour?

AMIRA: “The acrobatics and circus stunts. The twins were otherworldly!”

BERT: “The Cirque du Soleil performers are death-defying.”

Do you think Paramour is a good date night show? Why or why not?

AMIRA: “I think it’s a good date night show! The energy is really fun, the show is entertaining, and you can order drinks at your seats.”

BERT: “Absolutely. Definitely gets your endorphins flowing!”

So, what’s next for Bert and Amira? They’ve told us they’re excited to hang out as friends and explore their common interests together. Maybe you’ll see them at Amira’s DJ nights at King Tai in Brooklyn!

If you want to experience Cirque Du Soleil Paramour for yourself (or bring along a date) you can save on tickets with TodayTix. Need more Showmance in your life? Follow along as we document the dates of 9 couples across the globe here.