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Listen To Sophia Anne Caruso’s ‘Lydia in Quarantine’ Playlist (And Her New Single)

May 26, 2020 by TodayTix
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While we’re all stuck inside, it’s definitely tempting to fill our days with brightness, sunshine, puppies, and all things #inspo. But there are also moments that call for leaning into the dark side of the things, and since we’re all theater kids, the best way to do that is to lean into the summoning of the ghost with the most: Beetlejuice!

Sophia Anne Caruso, who originated the role of Lydia on Broadway, shares the playlist she created to really get into the dark and twisted mind of the now-iconic young woman.

The playlist was made by me throughout my time as Lydia and while I was developing the role. I found the music I thought Lydia would listen to. The songs are also stylistic songs that inspired my vocal choices in the show. I would listen to this pre-show and throughout rehearsals. 

Listen as you write, lay in bed, shower, or try to conjure and then defeat goofy, dark spirits. Whatever floats your quarantine boat!