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Here’s Why If You Can Get Through Tech Week, You Can Get Through Midterms

March 23, 2017 by TodayTix
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Midterms can be tough, but so can tech week (remember, you’ve been sleep deprived and exhausted before!) Here’s why midterms aren’t all that different than tech week. Good luck – you’ll do great!

1. Both midterms and tech week take up a lot of time, and you start to miss your social life. But your cast mates become your family, just like your library cubicle buddy will.

giphy gif by myself alone glee

2. During Tech Week and Midterms, your brain is working overtime to process large amounts of information. But if you can memorize Shakespeare, you can remember The Gettysburg Address.

thinking hard gif

3. You’re a pro at shaking off criticism and critiques from your director, so your professor’s feedback should be a breeze.

emma stone burn easy a gif

4. That large pizza you ordered for yourself at 1:00am after rehearsal tastes just as great in the middle of your all-nighter.

tina fey 30 rock gif pizza

5. With so much rehearsal and studying, sometimes it feels like you aren’t going to make it through. But much like the show, the exam must go on! As you know, there are no extensions theater.

mariah carey dramatic gif

6. When all else fails, you know you can rely on your adrenaline to kick in and get you through. Opening night and due dates are here!

its happening the office gif

7. When it’s all done, you’re at the top of the world. Performing in a show, finishing midterms, it all feels great.

leo oscar gif

8. And, of course, you want to sleep before you do it all over again. The next show starts rehearsals in a week – and, oh, don’t forget about finals.

tiana princess sleep gif disney

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