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How to Plan the Ultimate ‘Hercules’ Watch Party

August 9, 2019 by TodayTix
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Whether you watched “Hercules” on repeat throughout your entire childhood (guilty) or you’re new to the Disney classic, there is no better time to plan a watch party. Why is that, you ask? Well, “Hercules” is *finally* coming to the stage this summer, and there’s no better way to prepare for this musical than by watching the original animated feature. (Pro tip: It’s on Netflix.)

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Now, here’s how to get that “Hercules” party started.

Cue up that playlist.
Before you start watching the movie, you obviously need to get ready with some of the epic tunes from “Go the Distance” to “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love).” We’ve even prepared this handy list of YouTube videos of some of your favorite Broadway stars singing the songs. (Ariana Grande singing “Zero to Hero” is everything you never knew you needed.)

Make a themed menu.
Greek salad? Obviously. Hades hot wings? Check. Zeus’s zesty nachos? Delicious. Have fun with your food menu, or ask your friends to bring their own “Hercules”-inspired dish. There are so many places to start: Greek yogurt parfaits, Goddess dressing dip, half-goat cheese spread…We could go on.

Develop an original cocktail.
What’s a themed menu without an on-brand cocktail? Whether you want to do something simple like Megara’s Mule or create a concoction of your own, it’s not a themed watch party without drink to go with.

Do Hercules trivia.
How many Oscars was the film nominated for? What are the names of the five muses? Who voiced Hercules in the movie (and was it the same as the actor who sang)? Come up with some fun questions to give to guests before the viewing party, and bonus points for coming up with a prize. Bragging rights are cool too though.

Watch the movie.
What’s a “Hercules” watch party without actually watching the movie? The film is on Netflix, so cue up your streaming service and watch that flick. If you have access to a rooftop or a projector and projection screen, that could really elevate your screening experience.

Enter the TodayTix “Hercules” Lottery.
We know you’re going to want to see the show after watching the movie again, so make sure you and all your friends enter the digital Lottery for free tickets to “Hercules” in Central Park. Entries open on Aug. 12 at noon and close on Aug. 28 at noon. Set an alert or enter here.