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Last-minute theatre tickets guide: How to plan a spontaneous trip to the theatre

February 17, 2022 by TodayTix
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Theatre District

Have you ever decided, on a whim, to go to a nearby movie theatre and catch the latest film? Or whiled away the hours looking at art at a museum? If so, you know you can do these activities spontaneously. Did you know you can do the same thing with theatre? Advance planning is great for a big event or a trip and gives you something to look forward to, but if you suddenly decide you’re in the mood to see a show today, it’s easy to do with a few clicks or taps on TodayTix.

Here are our tips and tricks for planning a last-minute theatre trip, from what shows to check out to what ticket types to look for. And don’t forget, you can have a fun time at the theatre with others or solo! You’ll be totally immersed in the world of the show you’re at anyway, just like when you’re watching Netflix at home. So read this article, grab a theatre ticket today, and head to a show tonight.

Get tickets to a New York show on TodayTix.

Go on a solo trip to the theatre.

If you decide to see a show at the last minute, you might not have time to rally friends or family to come along. But don’t let that stop you. Going to the theatre on your own isn’t awkward or a faux pas — people do it all the time! Since you spend most of your time in the theatre sitting in darkness, watching the show, and not talking, it’s not a big deal if you don’t have anyone with you.

Then again, you could strike up a conversation with the people in your row — you have something in common to discuss, after all — and leave with some new theatre-loving buddies you might not have talked to otherwise. Or, you can go back and gush to your friends about the amazing show you just saw, and now you have an excuse to see it again and take them with you the second time around!

Discover theatre in your own neighborhood.

Who says you have to go far to see a show? If you’re planning a last-minute theatre trip, you wouldn’t have the time to make major travel plans — but you don’t have to. You might not even need to worry about a subway or cab. If you’re in New York, there are theatres in every neighborhood, so start by searching which ones are in yours and have shows running.

Even if you’re not within walking distance of the Theatre District and its Broadway theatres, you’re probably close to an Off-Broadway venue (or five) that you can walk, bike, or ride to quickly. Who knows — your last-minute theatre trip could lead you to discover a small, unknown show that later becomes a major hit. And you can say you saw it first!

See all types of shows and think outside the box.

Even if there isn’t a theatre near you with a play or musical going on, is there a comedy club? A dance hall? A concert venue? A jazz bar? Probably! There’s so much more to theatre than traditional shows, so look beyond traditional theatres to up your chances of finding a show you’ll enjoy. Stand-up acts, dance performances, operas, and concerts are like theatre, too, and will satisfy your craving for live entertainment.

Venues like 54 Below in the Theatre District, for example, have tons of concerts featuring Broadway stars all the time. The Cherry Lane Theatre in Greenwich Village is home to a rotating lineup of comedy shows, and the Rose Room is a nightclub with live circus performances, to name a few. The possibilities are endless, and TodayTix has tickets to all these types of shows. Experience New York theatre in different ways at unconventional venues.

Get Rush and Lottery tickets on TodayTix.

Rush and Lottery tickets are some of your best options for last-minute tickets on a budget. Rush tickets are seats for a matinee or evening show that become available that morning for an exclusive low price. Securing Rush tickets requires speedy action — you want to be on the TodayTix app right when they’re released and be the first to claim them before they sell out. (You can turn on push alerts to be notified when Rush tickets are about to drop.) Rush tickets are subject to availability, and some may be for partial-view seats if those are the only ones still open the day of. But they’re often the best-priced tickets available for shows at the last minute.

Lottery tickets are also available at exclusive low prices, but there’s more chance involved. You enter a Lottery a day or two before the performance you hope to attend, and you find out either the day before or the day of the show if you’ve won. But if you have, then you’re in! There’s a little advance planning required with Lotteries, but if you know you have some free nights coming up that you could fill with a show, enter Lotteries for a chance at making that happen.

TodayTix has tons of Rush and Lottery programs available on the TodayTix app. Find out everything you need to know about Rush and Lottery tickets in New York and all the Rush and Lottery programs you can enter right now.

See what shows are playing tonight.

There are shows playing in New York seven days a week, 365 days a year. No matter what day you get the urge to see live entertainment, you’ll have multiple shows to choose from. Many shows are closed on Mondays, but between Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, there are plenty of options, and every other day has dozens of shows on any given night. If you have extra flexibility, check out matinee performances, as less people tend to look for last-minute tickets for shows during the workday. Find out all the Broadway shows currently playing.

The TodayTix app has a “today” button on the homepage, and you can click it to see all the Broadway and Off-Broadway shows with tickets available tonight, all in one place. That’s the easiest way to find out everything you can get last-minute theatre tickets for. Or click the Rush and Lottery button to see which shows have Rush tickets available or Lotteries to enter. Download the TodayTix app now.

Planning a theatre trip doesn’t need tons of advance planning — you can grab tickets quickly with a few clicks. So now that you know all the best ways to plan for a last-minute theatre trip, grab your phone and get show tickets on the TodayTix app for… today!