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How to get great deals on orchestra tickets to Broadway shows

March 28, 2022 by TodayTix
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Want to see a hit Broadway show up close? You’re in the right place. From March 28-31, TodayTix is hosting The Floor Is Yours, our sale on orchestra seats at Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Orchestra seats are the ones on the first level of a theatre, which give you a clear and intimate view of the stage so you can see your favorite show — or what will soon become your favorite show — right up close. Learn more about orchestra seats in the theatre, and check out our guide to all the theatre seating sections.

Because they’re the closest to the stage, orchestra seats are often priced the highest, sometimes going for $100 or more. But there are always great deals on orchestra seats on TodayTix, and during our sale on orchestra seats, we have orchestra tickets for less than $49, $79, and $99 for a limited time. Check out all the Broadway and Off-Broadway shows with orchestra tickets on sale now, and grab your tickets on TodayTix.

Get Broadway and Off-Broadway orchestra tickets on TodayTix.

Shows with orchestra seats for $49 or less

Tickets that are less than $49 are usually mezzanine or balcony seats — it’s rare that an orchestra seats go for those prices. So take advantage of this opportunity and snag a great deal on Broadway or Off-Broadway orchestra seat at these shows.

Alison Leiby: Oh God, A Show About Abortion

Alison Leiby: Oh God, A Show About Abortion

Brooklyn-based comic Alison Leiby’s show was named the best political comedy of 2021 by The New York Times, and the show is now set for a six-week run off Broadway. Leiby details one summer that “started with a bang” and ended with an abortion at Planned Parenthood. She discusses all the unexpected things that come with preparing for one, like braving the CVS fertility section and picking the right outfit — and gaining some new perspective.

Get Alison Leiby: Oh God, A Show About Abortion tickets on TodayTix.

American Buffalo

American Buffalo

The big-time trio of Sam Rockwell, Darren Criss, and Laurence Fishburne plays small-time hustlers in David Mamet’s play. American Buffalo is named for a buffalo nickel that Donny (Fishburne) sells at his junk shop, only to later discover it’s worth much more than what he charged. Aided by his poker buddy teach (Rockwell) and gofer Bobby (Criss), he embarks on a greed-fueled mission to steal the nickel back and get his rightful cut.

Get American Buffalo tickets on TodayTix.


¡Americano! is a new musical based on the story of Tony Valdovinos, who dreams his whole life of enlisting in the Marines. When he finally gets to do so on his 18th birthday, he discovers he is an undocumented immigrant and cannot enlist. So with the help of his community, he turns his focus on a new dream to help immigrants and Latin American people like him succeed. After playing in Phoenix, Arizona, the musical is making its Off-Broadway debut.

Get ¡Americano! tickets on TodayTix.

At the Wedding

Join the celebration of At the Wedding at Lincoln Center Theater! Mary Wiseman stars in this comedy as Carlo, who crashes her ex-girlfriend’s wedding in a last-ditch effort to win her back. Though that doesn’t go as planned, she encounters old frenemies, new strangers, and more at the reception, all of whom teach her something about heartbreak and how long it will last.

Get At the Wedding tickets on TodayTix.

birthday candles cast

Birthday Candles

Blow out your candles and make a wish — to see Debra Messing on Broadway from the orchestra! She stars as Ernestine Ashworth in Birthday Candles, which sees her age 90 years in the play’s 90 minutes. From age 17 to 107, the people in her life come and go and she discovers and rediscovers what makes life worthwhile. In all that time, she bakes one single birthday cake. Fun fact: Messing actually bakes a cake from scratch on stage each night!

Get Birthday Candles tickets on TodayTix.

Between the Lines

Let your imagination run wild at Between the Lines, the musical adaptation of Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer’s young adult novel. Teenaged Delilah has trouble fitting in at her new school in a new city, so she turns to her favorite fantasy book for comfort. One day, the book’s prince comes alive, and the two develop the close friendship she’s been longing for. But how much of their bond is real, and how much is fiction?

Get Between the Lines tickets on TodayTix.


This two-night cinematic event at Symphony Space lets you experience a Stephen Sondheim classic. The National Theatre production in London, starring Tracie Bennett, Janie Dee, and Imelda Staunton, was filmed so you can see it without having to cross the pond. Follies takes place in a derelict theatre in 1971, where the showgirls that used to perform there, now past their prime, reminisce and show off their still-formidable talent one last time before the building is demolished.

Get Follies tickets on TodayTix.

Harmony: A New Musical

Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman’s musical premiered more than 20 years ago but has never played a New York stage — until now. Harmony stars Chip Zien and Sierra Boggess in the true story of the Comedian Harmonists, a German musical group known for their expertly blended vocals and onstage antics. They rose to international fame in the late 1920s and early 30s, but soon afterward, the part-Jewish group got a different kind of attention as the Nazis came to power. Though serious at times, Harmony is ultimately a musical comedy that hits all the right notes.

Get Harmony: A New Musical tickets on TodayTix.


If you need help finding a new, timely Off-Broadway show to see, look no further. Claudia Rankine’s Help, debuting at The Shed, is based on Rankine’s own conversations with white men about the privilege they hold. These conversations combine with direct narration by April Matthis and reenactments of recent political moments into an urgent exploration of whiteness and the future of democracy.

Get Help tickets on TodayTix.


Jersey Boys

Oh, what a night you’ll have in the orchestra of Jersey Boys! You can’t go back to late December 1963 to see Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons perform, but you can go Off Broadway to see the story of how the band went from unknown New Jersey singers to one of the most successful musical groups in history. And of course, the story features all their greatest hits, like “Sherry,” “Walk Like a Man,” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

Get Jersey Boys tickets on TodayTix.

Little Girl Blue

Another musician’s story is on stage at New World Stages: Nina Simone’s. The singer/songwriter/activist had dreams of being a classical pianist, but she would go on to become a genre-defying star who blended jazz, classical, gospel, folk, blues, and pop music. She also used her music to advance the Civil Rights Movement, becoming a figurehead in the fight for racial equality.

Get Little Girl Blue tickets on TodayTix.

The Phantom of the Opera

If the Phantom of the Opera is there inside your mind, then get inside his theatre! But if you’re in the orchestra, just watch out for the falling chandelier. The longest-running musical in Broadway history is still thrilling audiences after 34 years with the story of a deformed, mysterious man who lives in the Paris Opera House’s shadows and becomes obsessed with its newest ingenue, Christine. She soon finds herself torn between the intoxicating allure of the Phantom and her romance with Raoul, her childhood friend and the opera house’s benefactor.

Get The Phantom of the Opera orchestra tickets on TodayTix.

The Patsy

The Patsy

Six-time Obie Award winner David Greenspan reinvents a vintage Broadway gem with The Patsy. The play about a young girl who, after living in her sister’s shadow all her life, uses a man’s advice to build her personality and woo him debuted on Broadway in the 1920s. Greenspan has adapted this Cinderella story into a solo show, first premiering his version in 2011 and returning off Broadway for another run.

Get The Patsy tickets on TodayTix.

To My Girls

Who needs a vacation right now? If you can’t swing a flight, hop over to the Tony Kiser Theater instead for a quick Palm Springs getaway. JC Lee’s comedy play sees a group of gay men reuniting for a post-pandemic vacation there. What starts as fun gossip over drinks, however, gives way to surprising revelations about each other that will alter their tight-knit friendship for good.

Get To My Girls tickets on TodayTix.

Shows with orchestra seats for $79 or less

Orchestra tickets can often go for over $100, so a ticket for under $79 is a great deal. See some of Broadway’s buzziest new plays and musicals, feed your theatre craving with an Off-Broadway hit, or treat yourself to a festival of dance at a historic venue.

A Strange Loop

A Strange Loop

Stay in the loop about this groundbreaking, Pulitzer Prize-winning musical that’s making its long-awaited Broadway debut. Michael R. Jackson, a Black, queer musical writer, has written A Strange Loop about a Black, queer writer writing a musical about a Black, queer writer… you get the picture. The show’s main character, Usher, struggles with unforgiving, self-doubting thoughts, but these thoughts are personified as a raucous ensemble that’s as hilarious as they are scathing.

Get A Strange Loop tickets on TodayTix.

City Center Dance Festival

New York City Center is showcasing a variety of dance performances from some of New York’s most renowned companies through April 10. Catch classic, time-honored choreography by the Paul Taylor Dance Company, world-premiere ballets from Ballet Hispánico and Dance Theatre of Harlem, and new modern works from Martha Graham Dance Company, including one choreographed by Tony-winning Moulin Rouge! The Musical choreographer Sonya Tayeh.

Get City Center Dance Festival tickets on TodayTix.

Come From Away

Come From Away

Welcome to the rock! Spend some time in Gander, Newfoundland at Come From Away — its residents will welcome you with open arms. The musical tells the story of how Gander welcomed 7,000 displaced plane passengers at a moment’s notice in the wake of 9/11, and the passengers and residents formed lifelong bonds. The characters’ real-life counterparts are frequent audience members (and of course get the best seats in the house), so sit in the orchestra and you just might spot one!

Get Come From Away tickets on TodayTix.

Little Shop of Horrors

Feel like you’re right on Skid Row when you sit in the Little Shop of Horrors orchestra — but watch out for Audrey II’s gaping maw! The hit Off-Broadway revival of the cult classic horror comedy stars Conrad Ricamora, Christian Borle, and Tammy Blanchard in this story of an adorably awkward flower shop worker who strikes a Faustian deal with an insatiable plant. The plant will bring him fame and love — if Seymour finds the guts to bring the plant some blood and guts.

Get Little Shop of Horrors tickets on TodayTix.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

The glittering grandeur of the Moulin Rouge is apparent no matter where you sit in the theatre, but sitting in the orchestra can-can-can immerse you in the musical’s bohemian world. Based on Baz Luhrmann’s hit musical film, Moulin Rouge! The Musical centers on the fated showmance between the showgirl Satine and the writer Christian in 20th-century Paris. Get ready to tango!

Get Moulin Rouge! The Musical tickets on TodayTix.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire

From your oldest family members to your littlest poppets, everyone’s bound to have plenty of laughs at Mrs. Doubtfire, dears! This musical comedy adaptation of the beloved 1993 Robin Williams film centers on Daniel Hillard, a devoted but divorced dad who dresses up as a nanny to see his kids. Luckily, you don’t have to go to such lengths to spend quality time with yours — just go see Mrs. Doubtfire together.

Get Mrs. Doubtfire tickets on TodayTix.

The Minutes

The Minutes

Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy Letts wrote and stars in his newest play, in which a small town holds some big drama. A council meeting is in session in the city of Big Cherry, and a newcomer shows up and starts to ask questions about the closely guarded history and secrets Big Cherry holds dear. Soon, they start to unravel, and the town’s ugly underbelly comes to light.

Get The Minutes tickets on TodayTix.

The Skin of Our Teeth

Thornton Wilder’s timeless, zany comedy celebrates human resilience amid disaster, and who couldn’t use that message right now? The seemingly ordinary Antrobus family of Excelsior, New Jersey have been around for thousands of years, and they’ve seen a biblical flood, an ice age, and a war. But they’re still here.

Get The Skin of Our Teeth tickets on TodayTix.

Shows with orchestra seats for $99 or less

Some of Broadway’s long-running blockbuster musicals have orchestra seats for under $99 with our The Floor Is Yours sale. See hits like Chicago, Wicked, Hadestown, Dear Evan Hansen, and more up close for a great price, or catch your favorite screen stars on stage in a Tony-winning play.



When you’re immersed in Aladdin from an orchestra seat, you truly will feel like you’re in a whole new world. New York will fall away and transform into Agrabah, where the young street urchin Aladdin has fallen for the beautiful Princess Jasmine, and the feeling is mutual. Due to royal protocol, however, she has to marry a prince — so when Aladdin finds a magic lamp with a wish-granting genie, he seizes the opportunity to transform himself into just that.

Get Aladdin tickets on TodayTix.



“Isn’t it good? Isn’t it great? Isn’t it grand? Isn’t it swell?” That’s what you’ll be thinking after seeing Chicago from an orchestra seat (or any seat). This dark-comedy-meets-vaudeville-revue centers on two 1920s divas — Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly — who are jailed for murder, and they compete for the attention of the press and a top lawyer in the hopes of getting off scot-free. Chicago has razzle-dazzled Broadway audiences for 25 years, and there’s no better time to see what all that jazz is about.

Get Chicago tickets on TodayTix.


Phone rings, door chimes, in comes… you, to see Company on Broadway! Join Katrina Lenk, Patti LuPone, and more for Broadway’s best musical birthday party. The bachelorette Bobbie is turning 35, and all her married friends wonder why she has yet to settle down. Company unfolds as a series of vignettes featuring Bobbie, her friends, and her lovers, as Bobbie tries to figure out for herself whether settling down is something she even wants. And now you can see the show in the orchestra in a great price — we’ll drink to that!

Get Company tickets on TodayTix.

Dear Evan Actors standing in a circle onstage facing outward

Dear Evan Hansen

Dear theatregoer, today is going to be a good day and here’s why: You can get a great price on a Dear Evan Hansen orchestra seat. The Tony-winning Best Musical’s title character is a socially anxious high school boy who tells a well-intentioned lie to connect with a peer’s family. He gets the acceptance and confidence he craved, but he has to find a way to eventually tell the truth without it all crashing down. This musical promises an emotional experience you’ll remember for forever.

Get Dear Evan Hansen tickets on TodayTix.

The Fates


Go way down, Hadestown… way down into the orchestra, that is! Seeing the road to hell up close has never been so heavenly than at Anaïs Mitchell’s Tony-winning Best Musical. Hadestown is a modern adaptation of an ancient Greek myth, in which the enchanting musician Orpheus travels to the underworld to rescue his lover, Eurydice, from the dead. Hadestown reimagines the underworld as a soulless industrial factory and brings the tale to life with folk and jazz music.

Get Hadestown tickets on TodayTix.


Martin McDonagh’s Hangmen was a hit in London and Off-Broadway and is now hanging around the Theatre District for a limited time. The main character is Britain’s second-most famous executioner, who’s just learned that hanging has been abolished. Reporters, locals, and one mysterious Londoner all gather at a pub to hear his reaction to the news — though everyone has slightly different motives for being there.

Get Hangmen tickets on TodayTix.

Paradise Square

Paradise Square

Travel back in time to a bygone era in New York history with Paradise Square. It’s 1863 in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood of Five Points, where free Blacks and Irish immigrants live in harmony. Their most vibrant interactions took place at the titular tavern, where they drank, danced, and debated. When the Draft Riots break out, however, those debates turn into full-on clashes between the people’s warring visions of how America should be.

Get Paradise Square tickets on TodayTix.

Take Me Out

Take Me Out

You’ll feel like you’re right in the dugout with the Empires when you sit in the Take Me Out orchestra — and you’ll be right up close to some major all-stars. Jesse Williams, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Patrick J. Adams star in this Tony-winning Best Play about a fictional Major League Baseball player who comes out as gay, and all that follows the revelation: everything from unrelenting support to hateful vitriol that the star player must weather.

Get Take Me Out tickets on TodayTix.


Tina: The Tina Turner Musical

Join the disco inferno at Tina: The Tina Turner Musical! This rollicking rock-concert-meets-musical has all the energy, powerhouse vocals, and fast-footed dance moves you’d expect from a classic Turner performance. Besides just being a greatest hits concert, though, Tina follows the Queen of Rock and Roll’s life from her humble beginnings as a Tennessee church singer to a trailblazing music legend.

Get Tina: The Tina Turner Musical tickets on TodayTix.



You’ll be changed for good after seeing this blockbuster musical up close. Wicked will change the way you see the classic The Wizard of Oz tale, as the show makes Elphaba — later known as the Wicked Witch of the West — the central character. Wicked is all about her close friendship with Glinda the Good Witch when the two were in university together, but their bond is thrown into turmoil when the citizens of Oz deem one good and one wicked — though perhaps, they’re both just misunderstood.

Get Wicked tickets on TodayTix.