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What musical theatre has taught us about Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada

November 6, 2020 by Sophie Thomas
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US Election

Let’s be real, the U.S. election is the only thing on our minds. We’ve had rolling news on our screens, even when we’re asleep. We’ve been glued to our phones to receive the latest alerts. We’ve been having political conversations for days on end, all in the hopes of finding out whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump will be President of the United States.

There’s also lessons about how people in the USA would vote in musical theater too. Here’s how characters from different states get involved with the election.


The Color Purple
Cynthia Erivo in The Color Purple (Photo by Matthew Murphy)

The Color Purple

The Color Purple’s Celie may be too young to vote, but she’d be tweeting 24 hours a day about what’s going on. She’d be the person you’d want to follow for the latest updates, always backed up by her friends. She wouldn’t be afraid to hit the streets either and tell everyone what’s important to her.


The townspeople in Parade would cast their ballot based on who is likely to go to Heaven. We’ll leave that up to you to decide who it’d be.

Sara Bareilles in Waitress (Photo courtesy of Waitress)


It’s never said where Waitress is set, but it’s definitely in the south. If Jenna lived in Georgia, she’d probably vote differently than Earl and the pair would likely split up over their political affiliations.


Honeymoon in Vegas

The characters in Honeymoon in Vegas would definitely be gambling on the Presidential outcome. In fact, a couple would probably decide to get married quicker than the time it took to count all the votes in 2020.

The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public

Investors in The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public would be eyeing up how all the states voted. They’d be concerned that all the money they donated to campaigns would be going down the drain.


Fun Home
Kaisa Hammarlund and Brooke Haynes in Fun Home (Photo by Marc Brenner)

Fun Home

Did you know that Fun Home is set in Pennsylvania? We know that Alison Bechdel would have voted in the election, casting her ballot early and encouraging all of her friends and family to vote. She’d also stay up all night to watch the election results, tallying up the number of women getting into Congress. 

Groundhog Day

Need we say more? The Pittsburgh weatherman would cast his vote early on Election Day, then stand outside polling stations over the city for live weather broadcasts. Then he’d do it again. And again. Sound familiar?

42nd Street

After shuffling off to Buffalo, Peggy Sawyer would go home to Allentown, PA to vote in her home state. A lot of her co-stars may not vote in the election, but she’d feel proud wearing her “I Voted” sticker into rehearsals.

Lin-Manuel Miranda in Hamilton (Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)


Founding father Alexander Hamilton would vote. Obviously. After the Revolutionary War on Pennsylvania turf, he’d be running his own campaigns and trying to draw up crowds wherever he goes to spread his ideas.