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Here’s What’s Weird and Wonderful in NYC This Weekend (Nov. 9-11)

November 8, 2018 by CJ Schwartz
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It’s been an eventful week already! NYC’s largest street mural was unveiled in the West Village, someone stole a bodega kitten in Bed-Stuy, those Subway therapy post-its are back at 14th st, and, oh, this little thing called the Midterm Elections happened!

While a lot has happened already this week, it’s finally the freakin’ weekend so let’s get to it. From dark dance theater in Chelsea to a feminist tour of the Met uptown to your last chance to visit NYC’s first puppy pop-up, there’s a whole lot of ways to get weird this weekend.

James Whiteside in The Tenant
Manhattan, Downtown
Dance, Modern, Ballet

If you think ballet is all tutus and sparkles, think again because this dance play is dark AF. It explores intense themes including drug use, sex, nudity, and portrayals of self-harm. Based on the novel by surrealist Roland Topor, “The Tenant” chronicles a harrowing and fascinating descent into madness brought to life by acclaimed ballet stars. Did we mention it’s at The Joyce which is totally legendary in the dance world?

Creating S-Town
Hudson Valley
Talks, Podcast

If you haven’t listened to S-Town yet you should 1) listen to it right now and 2) head up to Bard’s Fisher Center to check out this amazing live discussion with host/co-creator Brian Reed about this record-breaking podcast. If you’re into Serial and This American Life, this was created by the producers of those little projects. Hear directly from Brian Reed about his three years investigating a possible murder in Alabama.

Badass Bitches Tour of the Met
Manhattan, Uptown
Museum, Tour

The Badass Bitches Tour of the Met (created by our pals at MuseumHack) is perfect for feminists from all backgrounds, smashers of the patriarchy, and Beyoncé.  On this two-hour tour you’ll learn all about the awesome women represented at the Met and some badass lady artists who aren’t on display at the museum. The future is female, and guess what: The past was too.

Falling Out
Brooklyn, Fort Greene 
Theater, Experimenta

We can always count on BAM to program new multidisciplinary work that’s both beautiful and thoughtful, and “Falling Out” will not disappoint in that regard. Fusing modern dance, Japanese Butoh tradition, and puppet theater, “Falling Out” examines the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown in the region of Fukushima, Japan in 2011. 


Human’s Best Friend
Manhattan, Downtown
Pop-Up, Puppies

It’s your last chance to visit this puppy pop-up so don’t snooze on this y’all. Your visit to Human’s Best Friend helps dogs everywhere because they are donating 10% of profits to rescue partners who save pups around the world! So get some amazing Instagram content and save dogs at the same time. 

Brandi Diserheft
Manhattan, Midtown

Ready to jazz up your weekend? If you think that pun is cheesy don’t let it detract from how freakin’ good Brandi Diserheft is going to beat Birdland. We’re super into Brandi’s fiery bass playing as well as her ambient and dreamy voice. We’re also super into the popcorn shrimp at Birdland (which is also fiery)…just sayin’.

Shake and Bake
Manhattan, Chelsea
Immersive, Comedy, Shakespeare

Get ready for Shakespeare . . . like you’ve never tasted before. You sip the wine. They serve the Shakespeare and also dinner. Surprise! In “Shake and Bake” you’ll get to see the bard’s classic comedy “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” performed in the round for an intimate crowd of 5o. As part of the action of the show, the actors prepare and serve an eight-course tasting menu.