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Here’s What’s Weird and Wonderful in NYC (April 12 Edition)

April 12, 2019 by CJ Schwartz
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Happy Friday, lovers of all things funky and fresh. Spring has officially sprung in NYC, and it’s time to take your vitamin D-deprived self out for a trip around the city’s cultural landscape. Let us be your guide through the spring-iest offerings the city has to offer. From interactive family experiences to a musical about history’s most infamous murderess, we’ve got enough weird and wonderful oddities to keep the pep in anyone’s step.

Manhattan, Midtown
Broadway, Musical, Comedy

The ghost-with-the-most comes to life on stage in this hilarious new musical based on Tim Burton’s dearly beloved film.

Pip’s Island
Manhattan, Midtown
Immersive, Family

Grab your kids / younger siblings / family friends and head over to Pip’s Island, a family-friendly interactive journey around a mysterious island.

Carmen to Havana and Back
Manhattan, Downtown
Immersive, Dance

What better way to #treatyoself than to wear your swankiest 50s attire, sip on a complimentary cocktail, and immerse yourself in the most daring production of “Carmen” to date? We sure can’t think of one.

Nathan Lane in Gary
Manhattan, Midtown
Broadway, Play, Comedy

You might not expect a play that opens with a pile of dead bodies on stage to pivot into a bawdy comedy. Well, dear reader, prepare to be surprised. Taylor Mac’s follow-up to Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus” may be the spiritual successor to a great tragedy, but it’s got laughs for days.

Manhattan, Midtown

This exploration of power dynamics through BDSM and food reveals how the people closest to us often have the most to hide. Let’s get freaky!

Manhattan, Midtown
Off-Broadway, Musical, Murder

Lizzie Borden is the original good girl gone bad. Now, a bevy of beltresses are bringing Lizzie’s timeless story to life in a kick-ass new musical.

OSCAR at the Crown
Brooklyn, Williamsburg
Immersive, Musical

Queer dance party musical about Oscar Wilde + The Real Housewives? Yeah. “OSCAR at The Crown” is an immersive nightclub musical detailing the rise and fall of one of history’s most flamboyant characters.

New Brew’s Dirty Sexy Jazzy
Manhattan, Downtown
Opera, Jazz, Concert

This is not at all what you’d expect opera to be like and it’s pretty spectacular. Opera on Tap’s New Brewers features jazzy arrangements of opera tunes in a naughty crossover dance doused with high-octane cocktails.