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August 20, 2020 by TodayTix
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If you’re looking for a summer watch that hits all the universally agreed upon criteria for ideal filmmaking (elaborate musical numbers, multiple poisonings, drag birthday parties, theater in a dumpster, tragic teen backstories, Stephen Joshua Sondheim, extreme theater kid earnestness, Anna Kendrick in a wig), my only recommendation for you is the perfect movie CAMP (dir. Todd Graff, 2003). 

People are often inclined to call it a “””cult classic”“” which I guess just means critics (dumb) thought it was “tonally wobbly” (who cares) and The People (smart) thought it was perfect. Who do YOU trust????? In case you’ve never seen it and somehow missed last week’s #TodayTixTweetalong (frankly unimaginable), consider this article a second chance to let CAMP into your life.

Most importantly, I’m excited to announce that I’ve submitted these tweets to the NYU Tisch School of the Arts in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a PhD in Film Studies, with the working title “Good Times and Bum Times: Queer Fantasy, Teenage Longing, and Sondheim as Religion in the Post-9/11 American Cinema.”  (Early feedback includes “who gave you my personal email address” and “This is an automated reply. I am out of the office from August 15 through September 1.” The life of an academic!!!!!!!)

In the meantime, I invite you to peruse this unfiltered glimpse into my very broken brain. And if you know anyone at Tisch, kindly ask them to return my calls. See you next summer.


Here at TodayTix we only #TodayTixTweetalong universally beloved, critically acclaimed, box office hits.

Oh, you need proof that I was qualified for the job?

10/10 Stefon attended theater camp and/or is distantly related to Sondheim.

Ben Brantley, you lose this one. Voldemort, you win?

“I will be singing ‘Since U Been Gone.'” EvEr HeArd oF iT?

It’s the framed bedside photo of Stephen Sondheim for me.

You’ve gotta click through to Twitter for the full razzle dazzle of this one.

Remember CD-ROMs?

Awards season justice for Anna Kendrick in FRITZ!!

Patti LuPone who?

Wikipedia simply cannot handle our “excessive detail.”

brb mom needs the comp

Put this review on the stage door.

@TonyKushner we found your next angel in america!!!


“I” “like” “theater.”

Can’t wait for Natalie Walker to win a Tony for CAMP: Live.

This is simply a Fact.

lylas hags ttyl!!