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Everything You Need to Know About Times Square’s Hottest New Venue

March 28, 2019 by CJ Schwartz
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Paradise in Times Square? Sounds crazy, right? But we assure you: It’s true and coming at you in Paradise Club, a brand new venue in The Times Square EDITION brought to you by Studio 54 legend Ian Schrager with a touch of magic from Brooklyn’s House of Yes.

With such big names attached, obviously there’s some hype involved, and we’re here to tell you: Believe it. (And yes this is totally worth going to Time Square.) Once you step inside the oasis that is The Times Square EDITION you won’t even remember your name because you’ll be so stunned, you won’t remember that you’re in a hectic big apple bright lights tourist epicenter.

We’ve got the inside scoop on all things Paradise Club so, here’s the skinny.

I get that it’s hot, but what is Paradise Club exactly?
The Paradise Club is an inventive, chaotic, high-production place for spectacle. This edgy and provocative modern-day cabaret manifests the disorder of the city and adds a whole new dimension to the hotel and to Times Square.

So what can I see and do at Paradise Club?
The club is home to a new immersive sensation, “The Devouring,” created by Anya Sapozhnikova, Matthew Dailey, and Kae Burke of House of Yes and paired with a culinary feast prepared by Michelin-starred chef John Fraser. Inspired by William Blake’s “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,” “The Devouring” is part-theater, part-performance art with talent across a multitude of disciplines including dance, voice, aerial acrobatics, choreography, and magic. Your ticket to “The Devouring” includes dinner, and the menu is original and creative featuring everything from fried chicken to caviar and everything in between.

Each night after “The Devouring,” there’s also an after party dance party (and tickets are just $20!). You can dance the night away with creative DJs and, of course, performance spectacles from House of Yes.

I keep hearing you say “House of Yes,” what is that?
So, Time Out recently released its list of the 50 best things to do in the world right now. Literally. The world. And  Brooklyn’s House of Yes nightclub came in at second. House of Yes is a performance-fueled night club and creative venue programmed with eclectic events and fabulous dance parties. Paradise Club is a collaborative effort that is an entirely new entity, directed by Ian Schrager’s team with House of Yes as a partner.

Do I need to wear anything special?
You don’t *have* to but it’s an amazing opportunity to dress to the nines — especially for the parties which each have a unique theme. If you’re looking for an excuse to wear those disco ball earrings or something with feathers, you will not be out of place. Also, the entire room is an amazing mural and it glows with gorgeous romantic lighting, so basically it’s a selfie heaven.

This all sounds amazing but intimidating. Am I cool enough to go to Paradise Club?
Yes! Despite all the glamour, Paradise Club is a seriously welcoming place for indulgence and fun. Whether you’re there to experience “The Devouring” or you’re just there for the party vibes after – you’ll enjoy your trip to paradise.