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Broadway Stars Give Messages of Hope

May 18, 2020 by TodayTix
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We could all use a little hope right now, and who better to bring us joy and creativity than the Broadway and West End stars who entertain and inspire us?

We’ve been speaking to stars and creatives from Broadway, the West End, and Australia during this time with our Distancing Diaries series, asking them how they’ve been spending their time and what’s keeping them optimistic, and everyone shared such comforting and positive messages for the future ahead.

As we look to tomorrow and build out ways to ensure an amazing theater will be waiting for us, we wanted to share them motivational gems. Crochet them on a pillow, design a poster, or just read on to see why theater people are the best people.

Katrina Lenk and Matt Doyle in “Company”

“What ultimately is going to get everyone to the other side of this is hope…You have to believe there is a good outcome in the end. That we will be together in the end. That we will get to the other side of this. If you stop believing in that, then you’re defeated.”

Matt Doyle (“Company”)

Just remember that theater is the best, and it’s a resilient community. I think we can all do whatever we can to keep it alive.

Kathryn Gallagher (“Jagged Little Pill”)
Jessie Mueller (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Think about how you can exercise what the arts do best: reach out and be empathetic (from a safe social distance, of course). Be there for the people you love.

Jessie Mueller (“The Minutes”)

After so long isolated and deprived of human contact, theatregoers will be able to return to Broadway houses and be wowed, and thrilled, and touched by beautiful stories and heal some of the anxiety that this pandemic has caused. They will be able to share with others in person the transformative power of theatre, and be a part of the true heart of our industry; the audience. They will be able to escape to their favorite worlds brought to life in flesh and blood on stage and in doing so, help the arts community get back on its feet again.

Ainsley Melham (“Aladdin”)
Tam Mutu in “Moulin Rouge” on Broadway. (

“I feel like this is a time for people to come together and not be selfish and to be supportive and to be respectful of everyone and everything. It’s not about you. It’s about everyone else and the greater good.”

Tam Mutu (“Moulin Rouge”)
Adrienne Walker in “The Lion King”

“When tragedy strikes we come together in song, or dance or film. ART. It’s restorative. It’s meditative. It’s necessary.”

Adrienne Walker (“The Lion King”)

“Art builds community. I think what we like about art, music, and theatre is that we recognize ourselves in it and it gives us a sense of belonging. What we often like most about a story is that we see something or someone in it that makes us feel less alone. They are like us. They think like us. Therefore we belong. That is more important now that ever.”

Petrina Bromley (“Come From Away”)