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Are You Brave Enough to See ‘The List’?

October 9, 2018 by CJ Schwartz
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Are you DTF? Down to get fully weird! (Get your mind out of the gutter.) Or don’t with Kirra Cheers’s “The List” a voyeuristic journey through the gravestones of someone else’s love life. The List runs Oct. 12-20 at The Box.

“The List” chronicles the life of one man, told by his exes. Performed as a series of monologues, this show will force you to reflect on questions like: What about my own list? What would my exes say about me? What would my life look like through the eyes of my former lovers? And if that’s not reason enough, here are ten more reasons to see “The List.”

Get tickets to “The List.”

1. It’s so much more than a play about sex.
Yes, the show is sexy but it explores real themes of intimacy, technology, and self-reflection.

2. These are real stories from real women about real life. Everybody can relate.
Everything you see onstage is deeply rooted in real life because it was created from a series of interviews with real people.

3. It’s at The Box.
Known as “the lair of sin,” The Box is infamous for wild parties and wild nights. A ticket to “The List” gets you in for the whole night, so stay, party, and set your inner sinner free.

4. Drink custom cocktails based on characters from the show.
Meet no. 15, hear her story and then drink her down.

5. We dare you not to laugh at the group sex scene!
Yes, you read that right, there’s a group sex scene.

6. It’s a theatrical adaptation of a photography project that includes projected images of the actual women on The List. It’s an art exhibition come to life.
“The List” is based on Kirra Cheers photography project of the same name. On the evening of October 13, 2014, Kirra’s 27th birthday, she was gifted a list from an acquaintance. The list chronicled his sexual history, named and numbered in consecutive order. She spent a year tracking down the people behind the names, interviewing and photographing them in the hope of creating a picture of this person as he would be seen through the eyes of his former lovers.

7. The concept is essentially your next dinner party conversation starter.
Next time your friends are over, get the party started by asking, “What would your exes think of you?” Boom. You’re welcome.

8. Take a trip down memory lane as you reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly of your own dating history.

9. The show is produced, directed, and performed by all badass women. And if ever there was a time to support badass women, it’s definitely always (and also now).
Beyond Kirra, the cast features Kaci Hamilton, Rica de Ocampo, Mia Christinis, and Kathleen O’Neal.

10. If you’re down for ‘audience interaction’ – this show takes it to another level. All bets are off.
Maybe you’ll have a conversation, hold a prop, or something more!