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7 Reasons We’re Obsessed with KINK HAUS

October 10, 2018 by CJ Schwartz
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You know how cool things happen and you mean to go but then the new season of “The Good Place” comes out and suddenly you missed it? Don’t let that happen with Gunnar Montana’s KINK HAUS at La Mama because this shindig must close this weekend and not to sound too pushy but you don’t want to miss it. Not convinced? We’ll play that game. Here are seven reasons we’re truly obsessed with KINK HAUS.

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1. It’s bold.

This show is not for the meek. It’s a 55-minute fierce AF deep dive into a nightlife world where anything goes. You’ll have sequins, faux fur, butts, and more butts twirling just a few feet from you.

2. It’s welcoming.

One of our favorite things about the show is, yes, the title is KINK HAUS, but it’s not just dungeon vibes. It’s actually a really approachable night whether you’re a leather zaddy or that’s not your scene whatsoever. Also, while the show is intimate and immersive, it’s not interactive so if audience participation makes you nervous – don’t fret!

3. It’s seductive.

This kind of goes without saying since all of the imagery and GIFS speak for themselves, but this show features a downright sexy cast. Seriously we’d love to kiss every one of their faces if they were into it.

4. The looks.

One of the most amazing things about this show is that it has a strong and colorful visual point of view and the looks are jaw-droppingly good. There’s one glow in the dark piece that really got to us.

5. Gunnar Montana.

While the show is absolutely an ensemble piece, it would be crazy to not call out Gunnar Montana himself. Gunnar not only created and choreographed the piece, he also designed and created everything about the visual world. We dare you to see him dance and not swoon.

5. The dancing.

These are athletic, modern, and inventive pieces that are executed to look like a piece of cake throughout.

6. The energy.

The show doesn’t take a breath for 55 minutes straight – scenes flow into each other and even overlap.

7. The looks though!!

We know we already called out the looks but seriously – the design of this piece is stunning. It’s a catwalk/nightclub/performance art/dance/ theater piece show, and we can’t get enough. Pro tip: Hang after the show and snap some selfies with the set because, why not?!