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3 Brooklyn Bands Let You Know How to Get the Most Out of Northside

May 9, 2018 by CJ Schwartz
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For five days every June, more than 100 thousand creative and cultural trendsetters converge in Brooklyn to experience the future of music, innovation and content. Now in its tenth year, with more than 300 bands and 150 speakers coming together across 30 venues, attendees venture to Northside Festival and earn the right to say, “I saw it here first.”

We asked local Brooklyn bands, Low Anxiety, Sloppy Jane, and A Deer A Horse to give us the inside scoop on tips for getting the most out of the festival.

Low Anxiety

Photographed by Cole Smothers

Tell us a little bit about Low Anxiety and why you’re psyched for Northside.
Low Anxiety is sweat-soaked drama rock. I’m Harris, we also have Nick Rapley, Shane O’Malley-Firek, Max Currier, and Andrew Oakley.

New York City has some of the most talented and ambitious artists in the world, and the Brooklyn scene especially pushes everyone to create the best work they possibly can. Northside absolutely drowns you in all that. That’s something really special.

Any shows you’re especially looking forward to (besides your own)?
I’ll be at the Sloppy Jane show at Sunnyvale on Thursday, and definitely seeing Big Bliss at Alphaville on Saturday.

Any restaurant, coffee shop, or bar recommendations near Northside venues?
Easy answer, but down the street from our showcase at Muchmore’s is Best Pizza and, incidentally, it is best pizza.

Photographed by Cole Smothers

Any fashion tips for attending Northside?
Wear comfortable shoes. No one is looking at your feet. I am, but don’t worry about me and worry about standing at shows and jogging between venues.

Any other tips or tricks for getting the most out of Northside as an audience member?
Leave room to improvise. There’s gonna be great music, food, and booze everywhere around you. Get weird with it and have some new experiences, especially if you haven’t seen Low Anxiety yet.

Catch Low Anxiety at Muchmore’s on Thursday June 8 and follow them on Instagram and Spotify for disgusting pics and hot tips.

Sloppy Jane

Photographed by @afcortes

We understand you have a large rotating band, who’s going to be onstage with you at Northside?
I’m Haley Dahl (frontman) and then there’s Al Nardo (drums), Bailey Wallowitz (percussion/trumpet), Jack Wetmore (guitar/saxophone), Kate Caretta (backup vocals), Katie Vreeland (bass), Lily Desmond (violin), Lily Rothman(keyboard/flute), and Tamar Jusidman (backup vocals).

What are you most looking forward to about playing at Northside?
To be honest, I don’t know a lot about this festival except that when I moved here last year no one had any room to book my band and saying “no” to me is the easiest way to make me fall in love with you. So I had to play this year because I’m a huge sucker for being “included.”

Photographed by Mik Lungulov-Klotz
Any shows you’re especially looking forward to (besides your own)?
Definitely the Ramp Local show at Alphaville. But also, there’s this really cool 10-piece band with a frontman who gets naked and vomits blue dye playing June 7 at Sunnyvale. Oh wait.
Any other tips or tricks for getting the most out of Northside as an audience member?
 This is the part where you have to imagine me physically morphing into a leathery old man and pointing my finger into your chest. Stop looking at your phone, and if you feel like you have to be wasted to tolerate or enjoy standing somewhere, try standing somewhere else. Also, it does no one any favors to politely nod your head and sip a gin-and-ton to a really boring set. If a band is being boring, everyone should please leave or scream so that lackluster stops being encouraged in music (and in general). The end.
Ready to put your phone down lest you incur the wrath of Sloppy Jane? Check them out at Sunnyvale on June 7. Here’s they are on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram for good measure.

A Deer A Horse

Tell us a little bit about your band – who are the members? How did you meet?
A Deer A Horse is a heavy rock band made up of Angela Phillips (bass, vocals), Rebecca Satellite (guitar, vocals), and Dylan Teggart (drums). We’ve been playing in this current formation for about three years, but Angela and Rebecca met in college and have been playing in various projects together since 2011.

What are you most looking forward to about playing at Northside?
The fortune and fame it will bring to us and the short commute home.

Any shows you’re especially looking forward to (besides your own)?
There are a ton of awesome bands playing over the entire festival.  Some of our favorites are: Bambara, Buck Gooter, Bush Tetras, ESSi, Grim Streaker, Liz Phair, NNamdi Ogbannaya, Parlor Walls, Pill, Protomartyr, Sediment Club, Yvette.

Where should Northside attendees eat?
There are so many places, it was tough to narrow it down.  Here are a few of our faves: Jimmy’s Diner, Vinnie’s Pizza, Champs, Dunwell Donuts, Peter Pan, Polka Dot, The Commodore, Emily’s on Graham, Best Pizza, Wafa’s Express, and Molasses.

Any recommendations of what to wear to Northside?
Earplugs. Closed-toe shoes.  Black to hide the Pizza Stains.

Any other tips or tricks for getting the most out of Northside as an audience member?
For a good time: Pick the top three bands you want to see and write them on your palm.  Hit up all the free Jameson events and then try to decipher what you wrote.  Works every time.

For more pizza tips and to stay updated on A Deer A Horse goings on check them out on Facebook and Instagram. And if you wanna jam out to their music in person you can catch them at Northside on 6/8 at Little Skips for the GP Stripes showcase and 6/9 at the Gutter for the El Goodo showcase.

Ready to rock out at Northside? Click here to snag your music badge.