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11 Thoughts You Have An Hour Before Curtain

August 8, 2016 by TodayTix
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We know, because we have them, too.

1. “Okay everyone, it’s 6:30pm! Sorry all-hands meeting, you’re officially over because I’ve got big plans tonight. Yep, that’s the sound of me closing my laptop.”


2. “Why did I tell all those work people where I’m going tonight? Just my luck that they’ve already seen it. Do people not know that theater spoilers are even worse than movie ones?  LA LA LA LA NOT LISTENING NOT LISTENING, just smile and walk away.”


3. “Glad I brought another outfit with me today, because I’m not gonna be one of those people who wear theater t-shirts at the actual show. Everyone knows theater merch is only cool when you’re not actually in a theater.”


4. “Hmm, anything new from the lead on Snapchat? Eh, no. Instagram? No. That’s fine, he’s probably busy, like, getting ready for the show. I’ll check again in five minutes.”


5. “No time to eat, so hopefully these TicTacs will at least get me through intermission.”


6. “My friend should be here any minute…. Maybe I should check out a review or two while I’m waiting? Actually, no, I don’t need The New York Times to tell me what’s good. Because I know what’s good, thanks.”


7. “Cool, there she is. Omg, she’s wearing a theater t-shirt. #facepalm.”


8. “Oh wait, it’s vintage – okay, vintage theater t-shirts are okay. Epic, actually. I totally need a vintage theater t-shirt. Gonna hit up Etsy during intermission, for sure.”


9. “Alright, Uber or subway? Never mind, there’s a cab. This guy better step on it, because there’s a very cushy orchestra seat with my name on it! And showing up late causes me anxiety.”


10. “Ugh, if we had taken an Uber, I could have streamed the show soundtrack on Spotify. I always forget that’s a thing.”


11. “Nice, we made it in 12 minutes flat! Cabbies really know their way around. Alright, everyone get out of my way, I’m seeing a show tonight! #blessed.”


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