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Your Ultimate Guide to the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival

June 6, 2017 by Seonjae Kim
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Each June, the Los Angeles theater scene transforms into a wild, wacky, and wonderful place for artists to present their most creative work. Welcome to the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival. where you’ll encounter work by local, national, and international arts companies and independent performers!

From comedy to drama to horror to burlesque to improv, there is truly something for everyone at Fringe. The best part? You can discover the best of Hollywood Fringe on TodayTix, all month long!

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Here’s our ultimate guide to navigating the best of Hollywood Fringe this month:

If you like to get political: 

Photo Credit: Trump in Space: A Musical

If you can’t get enough of politics—or just need some comic relief to lighten the mood—there are four (!) productions available on TodayTix that explore our current political climate. Zombie Clown Trump is a musical parody that speculates on the 2020 election coinciding with the Zombie apocalypse, while Trump in Space is Battlestar Galactica meets Star Trek meets Jesus Christ Superstar meets Trump. For something a bit different, Transition is a serious speculation on what really happened during the first meeting between President Obama and Donald Trump on November 10, 2016. And if you need some answers to “what the f*ck just happened over the past year,” don’t miss Orange Mango Cabaret, which features musical and vaudeville numbers.

If you appreciate the art of the solo performance:

Photo Credit: Talking with Angels: Budapest, 1943

Don’t underestimate the power of one magnetic performer to make you laugh, cry, and feel. Some highlights this year include Talking with Angels: Budapest, 1943which explores the stories of four Hungarian artists during the Nazi occupation, and I’m Too Fat For This Showwhere Kate Huffman (Fresh Off The Boat) leads a frank and poignant discussion on body image and eating disorders. For even more solo magic, check out Who You Calling a Bitch?!?which follows a young African American actress exploring her identity through iconic figures in Black history.

If you enjoy the spotlight: 

Photo Credit: Sapo Cancionero: Live Your Heart Out

Feeling brave? If you love being in the middle of the action, here’s your chance to experience some truly wacky and wonderful immersive productions. At Name This Magic Showfour magicians will battle for your vote; at Sapo Cancionero: Live Your Heart Out, a whimsical clown will take you on a journey; and at Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale, you’ll get to “purchase” items at a charity sale with fake money, and even get to keep what you buy!

If you appreciate a good laugh: 

Photo Credit: The Complete Works of Shakespeare

Ready to LOL? Grab a front row seat at one of these comedies. Laugh along as men in tights take you through The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)In Office Beat: A Tap Dance Comedy, you can chuckle to the beat created by office workers as they go through the motions of their day. And if you’re into dystopia, don’t miss The Rising, billed as the “funniest nightmare you’ll ever have.”

If you love musicals: 

Photo Credit: Middleschoolandia

If showtunes are your thing, be sure to visit one of Fringe’s many musical offerings, including Buffy Kills Edward: A Musical Romp, the Buffy/Twilight mashup you never knew you needed. For a nostalgia trip, don’t miss Middleschoolandia, a musical comedy written and performed by actual middle schoolers. And if you’re a fan of The Clash, check out London Calling – The Musical, featuring music by the legendary British punk band.

If you want to party the night away:

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Fringe Festival

No trip to Hollywood Fringe would be complete without a night (or three) at Fringe Central, where you can enjoy food, drinks, mingling, and a guaranteed good time. Pick up some official Fringe merchandise, grab a drink from Bryan’s Bar (the infamous Fringe watering hole), and make your mark on Fringe at the TodayTix Word Wall! Friendly Fringe staff will be onsite to help you with anything you might need.

Ready to get started? See the full list of hundreds of Fringe productions on the Fringe website, and visit TodayTix to explore exclusive Fringe offers.